Armor Corset With Pauldrons
Item #RT-175
Being more armor than clothing, this protective corset benefits from the addition of pauldrons. In fact, not only is the Armor Corset with Pauldrons protective and defensive, but it looks stylish with its shoulder pieces.
Price: $275.00
Valkyrie's Armor
Item #RT-167
The Valkyrie is a figure from Norse mythology. Tasked with selecting the fallen souls from the field of battle, they are no slouch in battle themselves, and this Valkyries Armor is lightweight garb for such a warrior-woman to wear.
Price: $800.00
Armor CorsetArmor Corset
Item #RT-174
This is a corset for the wench who means business! The Armor Corset features the classic style of a typical wench corset with the added touch of an armor-grade leather construction, making it as tough as typical LARP armor.
Price: $250.00
Valkyrie's Corset With Pauldrons
Item #RT-169
A Valkyrie was not just a guide of souls. It takes a warrior to know one, and so they were also fighters par excellence. And this Valkyries Corset with Pauldrons is a Norse-styled suit of armor fit for any maiden of battle to wear.
Price: $525.00
Female Leather ArmourFemale Leather Armour
Item #MCI-2720
The conflict has drawn on way too long. Members of your kingdom lay at your feet, but you do not waver. With your fearless spirit and the Female Leather Armour guarding your torso, you turn the tides, exchanging defeat for victory.
Price: $137.00
On Sale For: $130.15
Valkyrie's Skirt
Item #RT-171
As a maiden of battle, Valkyries were garbed not in flowing clothes and robes that accented beauty, but in armor, making them terrifying and stunning to behold. And in this Valkyries Skirt, you will be quite the sight to see as well!
Price: $275.00
Valkyrie's Corset
Item #RT-168
In Norse myth, the Valkyrie was a divine maiden of battle, one of the women who served Odin by selecting warriors from the ranks of the dead. This Valkyries Corset possesses matching Norse style that is perfect for a warrior-woman.
Price: $350.00
Valkyrie's BracersValkyrie's Bracers
Item #RT-172
Even though little could harm a Valkyrie, they took it upon themselves to wear full armor wherever they went. The Valkyries Bracers are a pair of Norse-styled arm guards that are perfect for a Valkyrie or einherjar to wear into battle.
Price: $100.00
Rogue Female ArmourRogue Female Armour
Item #MCI-3082

Gender is no barrier for the warrior who wears this body armour. The Rogue Female Armour suits any lady, whether she is a defender of the right or a member of a bandit crew, offering protection for the upper torso.

Price: $132.00
On Sale For: $125.40
Woodland Tree Bark Tassets
Item #DK5254
The perfect armour for the true woodland warrior, the Woodland Tree Bark Tassets features a delightful design of intricately engraved wood grain pattern and three plates with the edges curled to resemble natural tree bark.
Price: $110.00
Valkyrie's Greaves
Item #RT-173
Despite being divine, Valkyries were not totally immune to harm, and so they wore armor to defend themselves from enemy attacks. These Valkyries Greaves feature a Norse design that would look great on a Valkyrie or her chosen warrior.
Price: $195.00
Elven Leaf Leather Armour SetElven Leaf Leather Armour Set
Item #PKG-33
Drawing upon the energy of nature, elves can often stealthily blend in with their surroundings in their woodland realms. The Elven Leaf Leather Armour Set offers a trio of items modeled on the verdant foliage of the forest.
Price: $203.00
On Sale For: $183.00
Hooded Woodland Bolero Jacket with Pauldrons
Item #DK7014
Accentuate your combat attire with the arborescent mystique of the Hooded Woodland Bolero Jacket with Pauldrons, which features pauldrons resembling tree bark and an exquisite green leather hood with ornate nature themed adornments.
Price: $240.00
Dark Sorceress Fantasy Armour Set
Item #DK7016
Radiate an aura of unparalleled magical might with the enchanting appeal of the Dark Sorceress Fantasy Armour Set. This armour is perfect for LARPing ladies who wish to display the resplendent spellweaving skills of their character.
Price: $245.00
Woodland Bolero Jacket with Hood
Item #DK7012
Personify the beautiful appeal of nature with the Woodland Bolero Jacket with Hood, featuring a bolero style leather vest with a gorgeous full green hood attached which is made from supple forest green garment leather.
Price: $99.00
Mother of Dragons Vambraces
Item #DK6077
In the sea of grass, a wanderer might find themselves at the mercy of a wandering queen without a throne, richly garbed and guarded by a trio of dragons. And on her wrists, accents similar to these Mother of Dragon Vambraces.
Price: $36.00
Dark Sorceress Leather Jacket
Item #DK7015
Exquisitely designed to emanate magical prowess, the Dark Sorceress Leather Jacket is a magnificent piece of LARP attire which is crafted to augment the appearance of those in spell casting roles with its spellbinding style.
Price: $80.00
Kendra Leather Spaulders for Ladies
Item #MY100183
She leads the assault, head high, and shoulders square. This fearless warrior settles for no less than victory. Let all admire the proud bearing of this warrior who wisely clad herself in the Kendra Leather Spaulders for Ladies.
Price: $99.00
Womens Woodland Armour PackageWomens Woodland Armour Package
Item #PKG-36
Dress with arborescent mystique at your next LARP battle or Renaissance fair in our Womens Woodland Armour Package. This leather armour features a wood grain pattern and roughened edges to simulate the appearance of bark.
Price: $653.00
On Sale For: $587.70
Artemis Armour Deluxe Cuirass for Ladies
Item #MY100171
Heed the call to battle. Be ready to protect your lands. Adorn yourself with graceful strength as you prepare. Style and durability combine to make the Artemis Armour Deluxe Cuirass for Ladies an excellent choice for your defense.
Price: $242.00
Dark Sorceress Tasset Belt
Item #DK5256
Delve into the realm of fantasy as you assume the role of a spellweaving mage or pious priestess in your LARP battles, by wearing the Dark Sorceress Tasset Belt. This armour displays a mystical air to help exude your desired persona.
Price: $125.00
Dark Sorceress Arm Bracers
Item #DK6085
Accentuate your battle attire with the exquisite stylishness of the Dark Sorceress Arm Bracers. These beautiful bracers radiate a stunning mystical appeal, extraordinarily emphasizing your desired fantasy persona.
Price: $47.00
Artemis Leather Archers Bracers
Item #MY100168
The target, and not the archer, should feel the burning power of the bowstring. Trusted arm guards will defend from the occasional slip. The experienced archer will value the quality protection of the Artemis Archers Bracers.
Price: $44.00
Ladies Gothic Leather Bracer
Item #DK6086
Make any gothic outfit look unique with the help of this stylish womens arm guard! The Ladies Gothic Leather Bracer displays a crisscrossing, corset-style ribbon that runs down the front as a colorful decoration.
Price: $24.00
Leather Rogue CorsetLeather Rogue Corset
Item #MCI-3091
Add this excellent leather corset to your medieval wench or fantasy rogue ensemble for a stunning look. The Leather Rogue Corset is crafted from full-grain leather and heavy canvas to offer protection as well as style.
Price: $142.00
On Sale For: $134.90
Kendra Leather Bodice for Ladies
Item #MY100181
A foe confronts you in hand-to-hand combat. A fist lands a hit to your waist, but you are unscathed. Your return punch sends them reeling. You stand victorious, your torso guarded by the Kendra Leather Bodice for Ladies.
Price: $209.00
Artemis Leather Cuirass for Ladies
Item #MY100170
Improve the defense and style of your medieval warrior attire. Protectively clothe your upper body while on the battlefield. Proudly adorn yourself with the beautiful strength of the Artemis Leather Cuirass for Ladies.
Price: $220.00
Kendra Leather Gorget for Ladies
Item #MY100182
Admit it. You delight in knocking down the enemy, then smirking above them in triumph. Gloating looks so much cooler when wearing a stylish high collar. Revel in your victory while clad in the Kendra Leather Gorget for Ladies.
Price: $88.00
Artemis Leather Spaulders
Item #MY100169
No self-respecting warrior would dare to enter battle without the proper defensive attire. Only the finest armour should adorn your brave shoulders. Show your proud bearing and strength when donning the Artemis Leather Spaulders.
Price: $55.00
Isolde Leather Corset for Ladies
Item #MY100179
The time for battle draws near. Spaulders, gauntlets and bracers adorn the upper body, while greaves and tassets shield the lower. Finally, you enclose your waist in the protective covering of the Isolde Leather Corset for Ladies.
Price: $88.00
Kendra Leather Tassets for Ladies
Item #MY100184
Your armour has proven a strong defense upon the battlefield. You love the comfortable style and fit, but wish to customize your look. Add the right flair to your protective gear with the Kendra Leather Tassets for Ladies.
Price: $55.00
Laced Leather Corset Belt
Item #RT-233
You seek a piece of LARP attire to secure the waist. You enjoy the look of a corset, but desire no impediment in movement. Look no further, the Laced Leather Corset Belt will reinforce style without slowing the warrior down.
Price: $95.00
Kendra Leather Bracers for Ladies
Item #MY100180
Enemy forces surround you. You grip your double swords in anticipation. The air stirs. You swiftly dodge an enemy arrow. It grazes a forearm, but you are unharmed. The Kendra Leather Bracers for Ladies protected you from injury.
Price: $55.00
Margot Leather Underbust CorsetMargot Leather Underbust Corset
Item #MCI-3197
A vile warlord seeks to conquer our rich and peaceful lands. The warrior queen must put an end to this menace. The Margot Leather Underbust Corset encloses the royal waist with a solid defense while enhancing the noble stature.
Price: $81.00
On Sale For: $76.95
Ladies Steampunk Bracer with Vials
Item #DK6074
A touch of Victorian elegance can make anything more appealing. That is as true clothing as it is for armor! Take this Ladies Steampunk Bracer with Vials, which combines a versatile design with a lovely look befitting a steampunk lady.
Price: $27.00
Artemis Celtic Leather Cuirass for Ladies
Item #MY100420
Reclaim the lands of your people as a fierce warrior queen, or join your clan in relieving a coastal village of its wealth. Regardless of the role, the Artemis Celtic Leather Cuirass for Ladies offers enhanced style and defense.
Price: $242.00
Artemis Leather Pauldrons
Item #MY100421
Lead a grand army into battle as the fearless warrior queen of a medieval kingdom, or adventure solo as a mercenary from a fantasy realm. Whichever role you choose, the Artemis Leather Pauldrons will enhance your style and defense.
Price: $55.00
Celtic Isolde Leather Corset
Item #MY100412
Command both respect and style on the LARP battlefield with the Celtic Isolde Leather Corset. This gorgeous piece of armour not only accentuates your waist, but also raises your defense during light combat and training.
Price: $88.00
Floral Isolde Leather Corset
Item #MY100413
Embossed with imagery befitting the Middle Ages, the Floral Isolde Leather Corset not only increases your style during roleplay, but raises your defense during LARP warfare or when sparring with your fellow adventurers.
Price: $88.00
Artemis Embossed Leather Cuirass for Ladies
Item #MY100419
Guide your army to victory as a warrior queen from the Middle Ages, or adventure through a fantasy realm as a fearless mercenary. No matter the role, the Artemis Embossed Leather Cuirass for Ladies raises both style and defense.
Price: $220.00