Red Ostrich Feather Plume
Item #OP15LB-R
Embrace the beauty of a Red Ostrich Feather Plume and enhance your look or costume with a bold new tone. This subtle but vibrant accent will easily breathe some new life into any item that you may pair it with.
Price: $4.75
Regal Ostrich Feather Plume
Item #OP15LB-RE
Become the topic of discussion at your next social outing when wearing a Regal Blue Ostrich Feather Plume. Set yourself apart from the rest of the flock with a unique accent such as this, and strut with full fashionable confidence.
Price: $4.75
Natural Peacock Tail Plume
Item #P35N-N
Now you can easily utilize the sheer elegance of a Natural Peacock Tail Plume. A subtle but dazzling accent like this will make you the topic of discussion when attending your next social event, so wear this item with pride.
Price: $3.00
Burgundy Ostrich Feather Plume
Item #OP15LB-BU
Complete your costume with an authentic and colorful Burgundy Ostrich Feather Plume. This item can be a wonderful way to spice up any accent piece of your look and set yourself apart from everyone at your next social event.
Price: $4.75
Marigold Ostrich Feather Plume
Item #OP15LB-MGD
If your costume or event has been missing something, then the dazzling Marigold Ostrich Feather Plume may be the solution. These wonderful feathers captures the essence of a bird and enhances the design for easy accenting.
Price: $4.75
Purple Ostrich Feather Plume
Item #OP15LB-PU
Now you can easily decorate your next event with the unique Purple Ostrich Feather Plume. These feathers can be a wonderful accent to any item and they can also be a great way to freshen up any outfit within your wardrobe.
Price: $4.75
Emerald Ostrich Feather Plume
Item #OP15LB-EM
Easily add some color and fanfare to your costume or look with the Emerald Ostrich Feather Plume. This authentic accent item can be a wonderful way to enhance the feel of any outfit or item, and make you the hot topic.
Price: $4.75
Black Ostrich Feather Plume
Item #OP15LB-BL
Prepare for that next event with the help of the Black Ostrich Feather Plume. This simple but stunning accent item can set you apart from the rest of the pack, and have everyone wondering where you found such a unique piece.
Price: $4.75
White Ostrich Feather Plume
Item #OP15LB-W
If you are completing a costume or decorating then consider the elegance of a White Ostrich Feather Plume. Never before have you been able to utilize this magnificent accent to complete enhance the look and feel of any item.
Price: $4.75