Pear Salt and Pepper Shakers
Item #VH-R116L
You will be able to easily imagine biting into one of these ripe pears and letting the sugary juice drip down your chin when you make the Pear Salt and Pepper Shakers a regular part of your elegant dinner table.
Price: $85.00
Pear Sauce Bowl
Item #VH-G106P
Inspired by unique tri-footed metal sauce bowls from the early twentieth century, this Pear Sauce Bowl offers your table a piece with function and style. This quality sauce tureen displays a handsome, detailed appearance.
Price: $152.00
Autumn Vine Dip Bowl
Item #VH-G413P
Make your next party a hit with this fine seasonal dish! Decorated with a leaf and vine crafted from lushly detailed, high quality pewter, the Autumn Vine Dip Bowl is hand-turned and finished with food safe wax and mineral oil.
Price: $52.00
Pear Cheese Tray
Item #VH-G201
Serve your carefully chosen cheese selections on this round, wooden Pear Cheese Tray. Accented with superbly detailed pewter pears and leaves, your guests are sure to remark on not only the cheese but the elegance of your presentation.
Price: $187.00
Autumn Vine Salad Bowl
Item #VH-G226L
No formal dinner is complete without a salad course, whether served buffet style or passed around the table. A leaf and vine accent, crafted from lushly detailed high-quality pewter, decorates the Autumn Vine Salad Bowl.
Price: $136.00
Turkey Serving Tray
Item #VH-H111T
Sure to become a Thanksgiving heirloom, the Turkey Serving Tray offers an excellent functional piece for your seasonal dinner parties. This pewter tray displays a wild turkey settled atop a bed of autumn fruits and vines.
Price: $570.00
Pewter Antler Meat Fork
Item #VH-G16
Traditionally wider than a carving fork, the Pewter Antler Meat Fork has the sharp tines necessary to spear chunks of delicious meat and the flat, barred bowl needed to properly serve a flat cut of your succulent roast.
Price: $70.00
Owl Napkin Ring
Item #VH-K115O
Big, bright copper eyes define the appearance of the delightfully realistic, pewter Owl Napkin Ring. The wings curve to the back around your cloth napkin, forming a clever decoration for a formal place setting at your table.
Price: $17.00
Turkey Salt and Pepper Shakers
Item #VH-K116T
Finely crafted from high quality pewter, the Turkey Salt and Pepper Shakers will put the finishing touch on your autumn table. Ideal for Thanksgiving or other seasonal events, these turkeys are sure to charm your guests.
Price: $70.00
Pewter Pumpkin Candle Snuffer
Item #VH-G58PN
Useful as well as decorative, this charming Pewter Pumpkin Candle Snuffer transforms a pretty pumpkin into a luxury pewter candle extinguisher. A long vine extends up from the stem to form the handle, ending in a graceful curl.
Price: $70.00
Turkey Butter Dish
Item #VH-G108T
Considered a symbol of abundance and gratitude by Native Americans long before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, the Turkey Butter Dish presents an elegant pewter figure of a male turkey in full plumage as the lid.
Price: $264.00
5 Piece Pewter Antler Flatware Set
Item #VH-G1
The 5 Piece Pewter Antler Flatware Set has a unique design that is sure to charm those who love the beauty of nature. This cutlery collection features pewter handles formed to reproduce the shape and texture of antler.
Price: $209.00
Harvest Leaf Glass Salad Plate
Item #VH-G466HS
Serve your guests the bounty of the harvest on the seminal symbol of the autumn season with the Harvest Leaf Glass Plate. Divinely detailed in pewter and glass, this leaf shaped plate adds autumn artistry to your table.
Price: $44.00
Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Set
Item #VH-R116H
Finely crafted from cast, polished pewter, the Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Set looks like it could have come straight from the harvest Farmers Market. These seasoning shakers make a fine gift for the hostess who loves entertaining.
Price: $79.00
Dancing Gourd Pitcher
Item #VH-G129G
This pure pewter Dancing Gourd Pitcher adds charm to any table setting with its unique look. The lovely syrup-sized pitcher can be used for any type of condiment that your guests will want to pour themselves to flavor their food.
Price: $165.00
Turkey Napkin Ring
Item #VH-G115T
The glorious plumage of a wild turkey adds to the unique design of the pure pewter Turkey Napkin Ring. Each ring is a perfectly detailed miniature of a Tom with a full feathered tail spread wide in a dramatic display.
Price: $35.00
Pear Bottle Stopper
Item #VH-V960P
A cast, pure pewter pear rendered in perfect detail sits atop the Pear Bottle Stopper. The pear sports a dappled, subtle finish and is topped by a delicately detailed leaf. Add charm to your home bar with this fun bottle stopper.
Price: $33.00
Pewter Gourd Gravy Boat
Item #VH-G117G
The Pewter Gourd Gravy Boat was inspired by the shape of water jug gourds found in many harvest time displays. Cast from pure pewter with beautiful details, this hand-finished gravy boat will serve your family for generations.
Price: $99.00
Pear Branch Serving Tray
Item #VH-G211
Display the abundance of the bountiful harvest with gourmet delicacies presented on the luxurious Pear Branch Serving Tray. The quality of your delicious fare will be well matched by this superb wooden serving tray.
Price: $440.00
Corn Salt and Pepper Set
Item #VH-R116N
As fine table accents inspired by the bounty of the harvest season, these salt and pepper shakers make a necessary addition to your meal. The Corn Salt and Pepper Set features ears of corn that hold these important condiments.
Price: $55.00
Pumpkin Dessert Stand
Item #VH-G428P
Present your festive autumn desserts on this wonderful Pumpkin Dessert Stand. The thick beveled-edge glass tray includes a detailed pewter pumpkin in the center that makes this the perfect display for your seasonal treats.
Price: $475.00
Autumn Vine Salad Set
Item #VH-G19V
With the leaf of a pumpkin vine as a serving fork and a sugar pie pumpkin as the serving spoon, magic will happen at your table with the Autumn Vine Salad Set. Guests are sure to enjoy the appearance of these charming serving utensils.
Price: $169.00
Pewter Pumpkin Table Pitcher
Item #VH-G129P
Whether you need a serving piece for your table at Thanksgiving or simply appreciate the beauty of the harvest season, the Pewter Pumpkin Table Pitcher makes a charming addition with its detailed harvest gourd design.
Price: $123.00
Corn Napkin Rings
Item #VH-R115N
Fresh from the farm, this high quality pewter Corn Napkin Ring is delightfully detailed, expressing the natural beauty of your favorite harvest bounty. Decorate the place setting of guests with these charming napkin rings.
Price: $19.00
Pewter Antler Stuffing Spoon
Item #VH-G18
Your serving utensils should be chosen with just as much care as your flavorful foods. The Antler Stuffing Spoon is designed to reach and remove every last bit of delicious dressing with ease from your perfectly roasted poultry.
Price: $70.00
Autumn Vine Cheeseboard
Item #VH-G228V
Whether serving fine cocktails, condiments, or an assortment of gourmet cheeses, lush detail is the key to the exceptional appearance of the pewter handle and harvest vine embellishments on the Autumn Vine Cheeseboard.
Price: $110.00
Owl Cheese Stand
Item #VH-G275OW
Hoot, hoot! Whooo will love the look of your fantastic Owl Cheese Stand at your next event? Everyone! Unique and rustic, this striking wooden cheese tray brings the mystery and majesty of the forest to your table.
Price: $120.00
Clear Leaf Tray
Item #VH-G460L
The Clear Leaf Tray makes a versatile, elegant serving dish with its beautiful leaf shape and crystal clear glass. Crafted from mouth blown glass, this leaf server features a subtle stem at one end and fine vein detailing.
Price: $18.00
Baguette Board with Knife
Item #VH-H224HV
Offering the perfect balance of function and style, the Baguette Board with Knife is crafted from lovely acacia wood that has been lightly finished so the warm, golden beauty of the hardwood enhances the perfect baguette.
Price: $88.00
Tom Turkey Gravy Bowl
Item #VH-G117T
Festive and unique, the pure pewter Tom Turkey Gravy Bowl looks great on your celebratory table. A plump figure, the body of this turkey features fine details that show off the nobility of a fully plumed wild turkey.
Price: $660.00
Wild Turkey Bottle Stopper
Item #VH-V960KT
A magnificently detailed figure of the noble wild turkey rests atop this pure pewter Wild Turkey Bottle Stopper. The extreme attention to the detail and beauty of this piece fully captures the dignity of this noble American bird.
Price: $33.00
Pewter Sunflower Dip Bowl
Item #VH-G413SF
Crafted with care, the Pewter Sunflower Dip Bowl features a clear glass bowl that nestles inside a highly detailed pewter sunflower. Designed by artist Helen Richard, the sunflower appears in full bloom with accurate detail.
Price: $210.00
Pewter Turkey Cheese Pick Set
Item #VH-G883T
Festive, unique, and whimsical, the Tom Turkey Cheese Pick Set features the pewter figure of a Tom turkey holding eight cheese picks. Each pick is topped with a tiny, detailed turkey of its own, making this a great seasonal piece.
Price: $33.00
Harvest Leaf Glass Tray
Item #VH-G466HL
At your next gathering, consider presenting your fine appetizers on a decorative plate like this one. Serve your guests the bounty of the harvest on the seminal symbol of the autumn season with the Harvest Leaf Glass Tray.
Price: $62.00