Pirate Clothing from Medieval Collectables

Medieval Collectables has a variety of Pirate clothing for all ages. Pirate clothing includes pirate shirts, pirate pants, coats, pirate boots to complete pirate outfits. Our pirate shirts include both female and male shirts. We have buccaneer shirts and pirate blouses from all the well known pirates. Medieval Collectables carries pirate jackets, long vests, velvet coats, Captains coats and buccaneer coats. All our pirate belts are authentic to the period and made of top grain leather. If you are dressing up to be a Captain of your ship or just a scoundrel on deck, Medieval Collectables has all your pirate clothing needs.
Pirate Baldric
Item #200634
The Pirate Baldric is inspired by images of pirates, bristling with weapons, boarding a hapless merchant ship. But this black leather baldric makes a fantastic, functional addition to the outfits of both swashbucklers and swordsmen.
Price: $65.00
Buccaneer Coat
Item #100780
This heavy wool blend Buccaneer Coat is one of the best we have ever offered. The long period cut, with large bell cuffs and richly antiqued buttons, makes this frock coat a stunning piece of pirate garb.
Price: $125.00
Pirates Sash
Item #100822
This Pirates Sash, available in many colors, makes a nice accent piece for any pirate outfit. No swashbucklers style is complete without it! The Pirates Sash is great for wearing around your waist or under your leather pirate belt.
Price: $39.00
Captain Jack Boots
Item #FW1033
The Captain Jack Boots are sure to make any Pirate ensemble a hit! These boots are made from a synthetic leather and come up to the knee. These boots have a 1 inch heel and a non-slip sole. They are available in four sizes.
Price: $78.00
Dead Man's Arm Bracers
Item #DK6025
Our Dead Mans Arm Bracers will be a fine addition to any cut throat pirates gear. You have gotta protect those arms, so why not do it in style? The bracers have steel speed lacers which make lacing them up a cinch.
Price: $38.00
Pirate's Triple Threat Pistol Baldric
Item #DK2036
Our Pirates Triple Threat Pistol Baldric is for the pirate who needs to be armed at all times. Our pistol baldric is handmade from quality leather and features three holsters that fit flintlock, blunderbuss, and western style pistols.
Price: $99.00
Grace O'Malley Pirate Skirt
Item #DC1021
The Grace OMalley Pirate Skirt is structural in shape and feminine as for a pirate. It is a crepe skirt with super-fullness. The Grace OMalley Pirate Skirt contains elastic and drawstring at the waist for comfortable wearing.
Price: $48.00
Classic Renaissance Shirt
This Ren Shirt is made from 100 percent cotton muslin, which is comfortable and breathable and makes this a great shirt to wear alone or under your favorite doublet. Available in a wide range of colors.
Price: $48.00
John Coxon Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1004
Are you in search of pirate adventures? Look no further because the John Coxon Pirate Shirt is an authentic addition to any pirate outfit. John Coxon Pirate shirt is made from thick and rich Viscose fabric with long cuff sleeves.
Price: $48.00
Men's Ornate Captain Boots
Item #FW2075
Despite being thieves and raiders, pirates and their captains have the means to wear impressive and exquisite things like the Mens Ornate Captain Boots. The pirate boots have an aged look that is complemented by tasteful detailing.
Price: $123.95
First Mate Boots
Item #FW2011
Our Mens First Mate Boots are top quality footwear made from real leather. These leather Pirate Boots have the signature folded over cuffs and display a traditional style without modern zippers, perfect for any Buccaneer ensemble.
Price: $139.95
Round Glass Bottle with Holder
Item #DK1028
Our Round Glass Bottles are convenient to hold just about anything. Whether you wish to put liquid or dry goods in them, they will make a nice addition to your look. The round bottle is 4.25 inches tall and holds 8.5 ounces.
Price: $18.00
Black Orchid Pants
Item #100736
The high seas have never looked better than with the appearance of the female pirate, the Black Orchid. The Black Orchid Pants are made from black stretch velour and feature leather straps, which buckle around your calves.
Price: $85.00
Mary Read Pirate Coat
Item #101016
Mary Read, along with Anne Bonny, lived as men most of their lives. Most crewmates under Calico Jack were unaware that there were women aboard. The Mary Read Pirate Coat presents her style with a touch of feminine flair in its fit.
Price: $145.00
Medieval Wench Bodice
In medieval times, wench simply meant woman. Our Wench Bodice is made of cotton twill, and all color options are reversible to black. The encased boning gives plenty of support and lift, even for full-figured women.
Price: $76.00
Captain Charles Vane Pirate shirt
Item #DC1006
The Captain Charles Vane Pirate Shirt is a fascinating and authentic looking pirate shirt. Our Captain Charles Vane Pirate shirt is made from thick and rich Viscose fabric with dropping shoulders for the perfect Renaissance look.
Price: $50.00
Harem Pirate Pants
Item #DC1016
These pirate pants are an essential part of any pirate costume. The Harem Pirate pants are made from rich viscose fabric with an elastic, drawstring waist for easy wearing. The Harem Pirate pants are loose fitting and comfortable.
Price: $48.00
Captain Cottuy Pirate Pants
Item #DC1015
These pirate pants are an essential part of a pirate costume. The Captain Cottuy Pirate pants are made from viscose with an elastic belt and loose fitting till the knee. The long fitted portion below the knee features eyelets and cords.
Price: $52.00
Wide Pirate Belt
Item #200716
The Wide Pirate Belt harkens back to days of adventure on the high seas. With its large, antiqued brass buckle and high quality, brown leather length, this swashbucklers belt is a key accessory for pirate outfits of all sorts.
Price: $48.00
Jolly Roger Pirate Bracers
Item #DK6024
A must have accessory for any pirate! These leather arm bracers are crafted from medium weight 7/8 ounce leather, making them light and comfortable to wear. They are perfect for Pirate Festivals, Ren Fairs, LARP, and Theater.
Price: $36.00
Pirate's Single Holster Pistol Baldric
Item #DK2035
Most baldrics are used to hold a sword. In this version, our pirate themed baldric has a pistol holster instead of a sword frog. Our Pirates Single Holster Pistol Baldric will make a great addition to any pirate or steampunk ensemble.
Price: $59.00
Sailor Vest
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, a sailor you will be in our cotton twill vest. The Sailor Vest comes in burgundy, hunter green, or navy, all of which are reversible to black. You can lace up front with brass grommets.
Price: $69.00
Cavalier Boots
Item #101087
Our Cavalier Boots are a soft, stylish, all purpose period boot made of genuine leather. These boots have a fold-over cuff that can be worn up or down. They also have an all rubber non-slip soles and heel.
Price: $185.95
Hetha Pirate BlouseHetha Pirate Blouse
Item #DC1036
A baby doll blouse made from viscose velvet, the Hetha Pirate Blouse has eyelets and a drawstring for easy wearing. This pirate blouse has long sleeves with a large hanging portion for the witchy type look.
Price: $51.00
On Sale For: $46.00
Grace O'Malley Woman Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1010
The Grace OMalley Woman Pirate Shirt is a made of fine cotton with eyelets and cords in the front. The sleeves of the pirate shirt have a long cuff and workable buttons for a good fit. Such a shirt is made to be classic yet simple.
Price: $48.00
Satin Pirate Sash Bandana
Item #DC1044
This Satin Pirate Sash Bandana is a beautiful accent piece for any pirate outfit. These satin sashes measure 100 inches in length and come in a variety of colors. No Pirate outfit is complete without this pirate satin sash.
Price: $18.00
Pirate Pants
Item #GB3733
The Pirate Pants were generally accepted male fashion for most of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. These pants are made of cotton and are designed for everyday use. Our Pirate pants feature a drawstring waist with tied front closure.
Price: $39.00
Barbarossa Female Pirate Blouse
Item #DC1019
The Barbarossa Female Pirate Blouse is made from rayon crepe fabric and has very feminine features of a pirate. The female pirate blouse has a plunging V-shape neckline with frills around the neck and in front.
Price: $45.00
Wisna Pirate BlouseWisna Pirate Blouse
Item #DC1037
The Wisna Pirate Blouse is a waist long viscose velvet blouse. The pirate blouse has a frill that starts from the front, runs all round the neck, and ends in the front. The same frill has been provided at the wrists of the pirate shirt.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $42.00
John Rackham Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1014
Our John Rackham Pirate Shirt is made of rayon viscose fabric and features a banded collar. The front of the shirt has a single ruff with eyelets and cords for adjustability making the pirate comfortable to wear.
Price: $45.00
Pirates Captain De Lisle Black Velvet Coat
Item #DC1027
A Black colored pirate coat made from cotton velvet that has fully functional buttons. The captain coat has pockets and cuffs that have been decorated with buttons that add to the grace of the coat.
Price: $136.00
Redbeard Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1009
We present the pirate shirt of the widely known pirate, Redbeard. Our Redbeard Pirate Shirt is made from thick and rich Viscose Rayon fabric. The shirt has eyelets and drawstring has been provided in front for easy adjustability.
Price: $50.00
Mary Read Pirate Shirt
Item #101020
The Mary Read Pirate Shirt is a lovely ladys pirate blouse with a single button high collar. The high neck of this white historical top is ruffled, and ruffled lace decorates the fitted cuffs of the roomy, long sleeves.
Price: $39.00
McGreedy Pirate Blouse
Item #DC1018
Our McGreedy Pirate Blouse is made of rich viscose rayon fabric. It has a full elasticized shoulder for the renaissance look. The front opening with the featured ties allows the pirate blouse to be worn with or without the tying knot.
Price: $48.00
Lace Up Pirate Pants
Item #DC1122
These pirate pants are a low rise pants with Lace up along both sides. The lace can be adjusted as per required fit. Our Lace Up Pirate Pants have an elastic at the waist that makes them easy to wear and enhances comfort.
Price: $48.00
Jeweled Bodice
There are some garments that seem like they go well with everything, and the Jeweled Bodice is one of them. This decorative bodice is a great choice whether you are looking to be a noblewoman, a warrior, or something else entirely.
Price: $119.00
First Mate Pants
Item #100518
These Pirate Pants are the perfect beginning to any High Seas outfit, whether you are a First Mate or a Captain. The long pair of comfortable and durable cotton pants are perfect for a variety of outfits.
Price: $39.00
Gypsy Wench BootsGypsy Wench Boots
Item #FW2058
The Gypsy Wench Boots are perfect for any Gypsy or Pirate Wench! These synthetic leather boots feature a rich gold stiletto heel and platform sole. Brass coins, chains, and trim add decadence to these cuffed pirate boots.
Price: $58.00
On Sale For: $49.00
Patrickson Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1034
The Patrickson Pirate Shirt is a collared viscose shirt made for the fashion conscious pirate. This pirate shirt has a long drawstring with loops that have been provided in front and on the sleeves.
Price: $48.00
First Mate Vest
Item #100520
Ahoy Mate, climb aboard for any adventure with this 17th century lace-up vest. This vest can be worn with a variety of period shirts for a great look, and has even been worn by a few shipboard ladies too.
Price: $45.00
Pirates Captain Benjamin Long Velvet Coat
Item #DC1024
The Pirates Captain Benjamin Long Velvet Coat is a wine colored coat made from cotton velvet with black lace decorations on the front and on the cuffs. A pirate outfit is not complete without this gorgeous pirate captain coat.
Price: $136.00
Classic Chemisette
The Classic Chemisette is a delightful and stylish top that is nothing less than Renaissance chic. Thanks to its simplicity, this top has a myriad of uses, ranging from being worn under dresses to acting as a stand-alone garment.
Price: $53.00
Ladies Capt Morgan Boots
Item #FW1021
Our Ladies Captain Morgan Pirate Boots are perfect for the female Captain. These fun and flirty boots have a 2.5-inch heel and a folded over cuff that has red ribbon lacing and is trimmed with black lace.
Price: $58.00
David Herriot Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1005
The David Herriot Pirate Shirt is very authentic looking and a perfect addition to any pirate outfit. Our David Herriot Pirate shirt is made from thick and rich Viscose fabric with draw string cuff sleeves.
Price: $50.00
Roberto Cofresi Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1003
The Roberto Cofresi Pirate Shirt is made from thick and rich Viscose fabric with authentic pirate details. The pirate shirt features fancy lacy frill in front as well as on the cuffs gives it the Pirate and Renaissance look.
Price: $45.00
Women's Black Pirate Vest
Item #FM-60696
A fantastic way to reinvent old pirate costumes is to wear them again, after you make an addition to the costume, of course! This Womens Black Pirate Vest is a garment to add to any pirate costume to give it a whole new style.
Price: $16.00
Cotton Captain Charles Vane Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1011
The Captain Charles Vane Pirate Shirt is a fascinating and very authentic looking pirate shirt. Our Captain Charles Vane Pirate shirt is made cotton with dropping shoulders for the perfect Renaissance look.
Price: $45.00
A bit conservative for tights, are you? Made of cotton, these breeches would have been worn by the peasant or working class. They are long enough to wear with knee-high boots or wear the cuffs at the top of your calf with sandals.
Price: $53.00
Lady's Brigadier General Boots
Item #FW2052
The Ladys Brigadier General Boots are a great accessory for your Pirate ensemble. These elegant and stylish boots are made of a soft microfiber fabric and feature brass colored adjustable straps and buckles across the ankle and shin.
Price: $113.95
John Cook Pirate Shirt
Item #DC1007
The John Cook Pirate Shirt is a fascinating and authentic looking pirate shirt made from thick and rich Viscose fabric. The eyelets and drawstring has been provided in front for easy adjustability making the pirate comfortable to wear.
Price: $45.00
Sailor Pants
Our sailor pants have the classic wide leg that pirates love! They are comfortable and easy to move in when you are taking over ships and stealing treasures on the high seas. They are adjustable to any waist with a draw string waistline.
Price: $43.00
Regal Captain Boots
Item #FW1032
The Regal Captain Boots are a great accessory for your pirate garb. These boots are available in black or brown and comes with a removable sash. These boots feature a strap with buckle around the ankle, and a cuff with brass buttons.
Price: $82.00
Pirates Wide Waist Belt
Item #DK2020
If you are putting together an authentic pirate outfit, our Pirates Wide Waist Belt is a must. This leather belt is 2.75 inches wide and has a solid brass buckle and brass grommets in the belt holes, resulting in many years of use.
Price: $45.00
Buccaneer Shirt
Item #DC1013
This Buccaneer Shirt is an authentic pirate shirt that is made of rayon viscose fabric. The shirt has a single frill in the front with eyelets and drawing string for easy adjustability making the pirate comfortable to wear.
Price: $45.00
Patiala Pirate Pants
Item #DC1038
The Patiala Pirate Pants are made of Viscose fabric with elasticized waist and a great fall. The width of pirate pants increases from bottom towards the waist. The amount of fabric used is more than any other pants or shirt on our site.
Price: $59.00
Mary Read Pirate Vest
Item #101018
This beautiful vest is an intricate brocade with a scoop V-neck collar, making it a perfect standalone garment or accent to our other Mary Read items. The Mary Read Pirate Vest is made of 100 percent rayon in a golden brown color.
Price: $55.00
Pirates Black Bandana
Item #100972
The Black Pirate Bandana has a suede-like textured finish with rough weathered lace to show that you can pillage and plunder the high seas right away. It is made from 100% rayon and looks great on its own or under a tricorn.
Price: $34.00
Sassy Wench BodiceSassy Wench Bodice
Item #MCI-4027
Our Sassy Wench Bodice is fully lined and reinforced with durable plastic boning. It is a must for any wench, maiden, or steampunk enthusiast. Our bodices provide a desirable flat tummy and a boost of support for your bust.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $114.00
Buccaneer Pants
Item #DC1083
These Buccaneer pants are one of the most famous styles of the time when pirates ruled the oceans. Our Buccaneer Pants are made from 100 percent cotton fabric and have long fitted portion below the knee with eyelets and drawstrings.
Price: $73.00
Ashaki Pirate Skirt
Item #DC1020
The Ashaki Pirate Skirt is made from thick and rich Viscose Rayon fabric and features two overlapping juxtaposed layers. The pirate skirt has an elastic and drawstring at waist for easy wearing.
Price: $48.00