Crusader Helms from Medieval Collectables

Crusader helms started out as a simple cylinder with a flate top called a Great helm or a pot helm. Later the helm developed into a curved shaped that was pointed on top called a sugarloaf helm. This newly design of the knights helm deflected the blow from sword attacks and lance or spear attacks. These types of Crusader helms had small slits for the eyes and mouth which provided poor ventilation and poor line of sight. Crusader helms were usually put on before battle because of the thick steel used making the helm heavy. Medieval Collectables has all types of Crusader helms like the great helm, sugarloaf helm and the bascinet. Don't forget the Crusader helm is a very important piece and functional of a knights armor.
Crusader Great HelmetCrusader Great Helmet
Item #ZS-910902
The Crusader Great Helm was developed early in the 13th century. The Great Helm became the mainstay of the medieval fighting man and lasted for about 300 years. The Crusader Great Helm is made of high carbon steel and fully wearable.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $67.50
Golden Knight HelmetGolden Knight Helmet
Item #ZS-910899
The Golden Knight Helmet is from around the 16th century. This beautiful museum quality, late 16th century replica is full sized and ready to wear. The Golden Knight Helmet is hand made of high carbon steel and fully wearable.
Price: $109.90
On Sale For: $98.91
Knights Close HelmetKnights Close Helmet
Item #ZS-910900
The Knights Close Helmet is from around the 16th century. In the legends of knights in shining armor, the gallant knights wore helmets styled as this! The Knights Close Helmet is hand made of high carbon steel and fully wearable.
Price: $89.50
On Sale For: $80.55
Epic Dark Sugar Loaf HelmetEpic Dark Sugar Loaf Helmet
Item #MCI-2425
Battle for the sake of a High Middle Ages kingdom the next time you LARP by donning the Epic Dark Sugar Loaf Helmet. A descendent of the great helm, this enclosed helmet possesses a crown that is more conical than its predecessor.
Price: $107.00
On Sale For: $101.65
Crusader Great Helm
Item #AB1508
No helmet rings truer as a classic knights helm then this Crusader Great Helmet. This helmet remained a protector of warriors for a reason, and that was primarily the high degree of protection that this helmet offered to its wearer.
Price: $115.00
Knights Templar Helm
Item #ED2504
Styled after an original helm of the Knights Templar, the Holy Order who fought in the Crusades. Great for SCA combat, this helm is not a lightweight. Each is handmade from 14 gauge steel. With padding, it is perfect for battle.
Price: $284.05
Crusader Helmet
Item #300418
Developed early in the 12th Century, the Great Helm became the mainstay of the medieval fighting man. Worn over a mail coif and padding, this helm has menacing narrow eyeslits that provide maximum protection.
Price: $185.00
Engraved European Closed Helmet
Item #AH-3814E
The closed helmet is the typical helm that is often thought of when picturing a knight of the middle ages, although this Engraved European Closed Helmet takes that thought a step further by covering the helmet with ornate designs.
Price: $161.00
Crusader Flat Top HelmetCrusader Flat Top Helmet
Item #AB0359
During the crusades, life could be very dangerous. To cope with this danger, armor and weapons evolved. From the end of the 11th century all the way to the end of the 13th century, the crusades were the center of attention in Europe.
Price: $205.00
On Sale For: $165.00
Burgonet Helmet
Item #AH-3819
The Burgonet Helmet was, in many ways, the successor to the medieval sallet. Used primarily in the late renaissance, this helmet offered similar protection to the sallet but was considered to be lighter and easier to wear.
Price: $135.00
Steel Sugar Loaf HelmetSteel Sugar Loaf Helmet
Item #MCI-2424
There is a reason why the great helmet of the High Middle Ages remains the choice helmet of warriors and reenactors today, and that is because great helmets, like this Steel Sugar Loaf Helmet, are both incredibly protective and iconic.
Price: $96.00
On Sale For: $91.20
Item #ED2503
This unique armor helmet of history was favored by many knights of the Middle Ages. It gets its name from the plates called spangens that were united to form the round contoured top which shunted blows easier than flat top designs.
Price: $265.05
Foot Soldiers Kettle Helmet
Item #AH-6790
Preferred by the general infantry, this Foot Soldiers Kettle Helmet is a rendition of the classic kettle hat, which was first made in England around 1011. Easy to make and protective, this helmet was a favorite for a good reason.
Price: $90.00
14th Century Dark Knight Helm
Item #AH-6795
The great helm is, perhaps, one of the most iconic helmets in medieval history. It possesses a well-known form that is used by many who participate in reenactments. This 14th Century Dark Knight Helm adds a twist to the classic design.
Price: $171.00
Archers Banded Kettle Helm
Item #AH-3881
First produced in England around 1011, the kettle hat was the helm of choice of many foot soldiers and men-at-arms. As its name implies, this Archers Banded Kettle Helm would have been a good helm for archers, thanks to its open design.
Price: $122.00
Visored Sugar Loaf Helmet
Item #AH-6301
What is a good way to take a great helm and make it better? The addition of a moving face plate has taken this Visored Sugar Loaf Helmet and transformed it into a more functional piece of armor that will easily accent any knights look.
Price: $144.00
Great Helmet
Item #AB0395
Used in the 13th Century, barrel helms were a necessity for men at arms. They provided the most coverage for the weight. The barrel helm was typically worn over mail, and originally only had the ocularium opening or eye slots.
Price: $209.00
Crusader Spangenhelm with Face Guard
Item #AB3069
Helmets of the Middle Ages could be quite varied, and this Crusader Spangenhelm with Face Guard is an example of this. The design of the helmet is quite distinctive, while also being rather intimidating and fully protective.
Price: $175.00
Economy Archers Skullcap
Item #AH-RTU789
Layered protection is the best kind of protection. This Economy Archers Skullcap was favored by archers, as well as by warriors who wanted a bit more defense to layer onto their skull, to ensure that it was as protected as possible.
Price: $99.00
Economy Kettle Hat
Item #AH-H026
Once, the kettle hat was one of the most common helmets across all of Medieval Europe. As this Economy Kettle Hat demonstrates, it was an efficient helmet that was inexpensive to make and served well in keeping its wearer safe.
Price: $81.00
Over Wearer Great Helmet
Item #AH-3829L
There are a number of reasons as to why the great helm earned its name, although the least of which is probably because this Over Wearer Great Helmet made the wearer look like a great, powerful, and intimidating warrior or knight.
Price: $153.00
Sugar Loaf Helmet
Item #AH-3821N
There is a reason why the great helmet was unquestioned as the supreme defense that a warrior could wear to protect his skull. And that was because great helms, like this Sugar Loaf Helmet, surrounded the wearers head with plate metal.
Price: $113.00
Knights Cross Sugar Loaf Helm
Item #AH-6929
The sugar loaf helm is one of the most iconic pieces of Crusades era armor, and it was one of the most popular among warriors of the High Middle Ages. This Knights Cross Sugar Loaf Helm will be a great addition to your knightly look.
Price: $293.00
Knights Helmet
Item #AH-3831N
The great helm was great for a number of reasons, but none as important as the level of protection it provided to the wearer. This Knights Helmet is a classic example of a medieval great helm that kept its wearer safe behind steel.
Price: $140.00
Templar Mask Great Helm
Item #AH-6110
The Templar Mask Great Helm is based on the transitional helms of the Crusades era, particularly those that were used from the 3rd Crusade to the 5th. It is noteworthy for its unique design, as well as its use by the legendary Templars.
Price: $117.00
Medieval Sporting Great Helm
Item #AH-6921
There is a certain appeal to historical European martial arts, one that continues even to this day. For the avid practitioner, good protection is a must. This Medieval Sporting Great Helm offers both good protection and an iconic look.
Price: $225.00
Crusader Helmet - SteelCrusader Helmet - Steel
Item #MCI-2451-1
The typical great helm was exceedingly protective, but also had a few drawbacks. This Crusader Helmet - Steel is an attempt to circumvent those shortcomings, featuring some classic elements with a few important revisions.
Price: $96.00
On Sale For: $91.20
Reinforced Medieval Kettle Helm
Item #AH-3880
Around 1011, England produced what would become one of the most lasting helmets of the Medieval Era. This Reinforced Medieval Kettle Helm is a type of helmet that was favored by foot soldiers and infantry throughout and beyond the age.
Price: $122.00
Great Helmet
Item #AH-3829N
This Great Helmet is modeled after an actual archaeological find that was named the Pembridge Helmet. Crusaders, in particular, favored this style of helmet, and one like it were used from the 12th century to the 14th century.
Price: $117.00
Leather Black Knights Great Helm
Item #AH-L3831-H010
Does the lack of good ventilation and general weight of a Crusaders great helm bother you? For a lighter alternative, turn instead to this Leather Black Knights Great Helm, which offers the same shape but in leather instead of steel!
Price: $98.00
Economy Sugarloaf Helmet
Item #AH-H015
Deriving its name from its shape, this Economy Sugarloaf Helmet recreates a the warriors great helm from the medieval era, allowing modern warriors to make it a part of their armored attire whenever they fight and reenact today.
Price: $99.00
Dark Knight Great Helm
Item #AH-3831D
Do not let the name fool you into thinking that this Dark Knight Great Helm can only be worn by villains, because that is just not true. In fact, this helmet is a piece of protection for good and evil alike, thanks to its hardy design.
Price: $162.00
Kings Crown Medieval Great Helm
Item #AH-3852
During the Crusades, the great helm was very much the pinnacle of design for a knights helmet. As such, even kings would have worn it! This Kings Crown Medieval Great Helm is one to suit his royal highness in virtually every way.
Price: $158.00
Crusader Helmet - Dark Metal FinishCrusader Helmet - Dark Metal Finish
Item #MCI-2452-1
The great helm was very protective, but also had a few drawbacks to it. This Crusader Helmet - Dark Metal Finish is an attempt to circumvent those drawbacks, featuring some classic elements of the great helmet with a few key revisions.
Price: $137.00
On Sale For: $123.30
14th Century Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet
Item #MH-H0931
A variant of the medieval great helm, the sugar loaf helm possesses a more conical top than the original helmet design. The 14th Century Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet displays a subtle cross shape over the front of the face.
Price: $212.00
Knight Helmet
Item #AH-3827
Knights, being both career soldiers and nobility, often had access to the best equipment of their age, so it makes sense that a Knight Helmet would be an impressive, protective piece of armor that shielded the head from all angles.
Price: $104.00
Economy Domed Helmet
Item #AH-RTU788
Appearances can be deceiving. As basic as this Economy Domed Helmet might seem as a skullcap, it was actually a design that was favored by countless warriors, from the crusaders in the Holy Wars to archers and foot soldiers.
Price: $81.00
Royal Over Bearer Great Helm
Item #AH-6109
A unique aspect of the great helm was that its size allowed for it to be worn over a light helmet. This Royal Over Bearer Great Helm is one such example of helm that, historically, might have been worn with a secondary helm underneath.
Price: $117.00
Flat Top Crusader Helm
Item #AB0352
A great knight of the Crusades would not have been fully armed without his sturdy steel helmet. Perfect for safety and comfort during reenactment, the Flat Top Crusader Helm will also give you the authenticity you are searching for.
Price: $205.00
14th Century Gilded Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet
Item #MH-H0931B
A variant of the medieval great helm, the sugar loaf helm possesses a more conical top than the original helmet design. The 14th Century Gilded Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet displays a golden cross shape over the front of the face.
Price: $212.00
Maciejowski Helm
Item #300498
Thought to have been created in the 13th century, the Maciejowski Bible includes 46 folios of medieval pictures conveying Hebrew scripture. This Maciejowski Helm is a stunning Crusader helm designed in honor of this historic work.
Price: $195.00