Greek Clothing from Medieval Collectables

Greek Soldiers didn't wear much clothing either. The basic parts of Greek attire is the Greek tunic, Greek belt, greek capes and Greek sandals. The Greek tunic was light weight and worn under Greek armour or down the market streets in the Athens. Greek belts were used to tie the tunics closer to the body when armour was not worn and to hang the Greek Hoplite swords from. Finally Greek sandals protect the feet of soldiers and the Greek capes shielded them from the harse sun in Greece. Medieval Collectables has authentic Greek clothing for the Ancient Greece re-enactor. Our Greek clothing includes tunics, sandals and capes. Pair our Greek Tunic with a studded leather belt and some Greek Sandals and you'll be good to go.
Greek Tunic
Item #100876
This short cut tunic is perfect for either the market streets or under any Greek armor. The sleeves and bottom are accented with a Greek trim which emulates the waves of the Aegean. It is made in 100% cotton.
Price: $59.00
Spartan SandalsSpartan Sandals
Item #100958
These Spartan sandals are made of all leather construction with rubber soles and three adjustable ankle straps. Spartan sandals are a must for the Spartan 300 outfit, or for any Greek warrior ensemble.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $70.00
Greek Royal Belt
Item #AH-6072
The Greek Royal Belt is a fantastic example of a classic Greek tasset that would have been worn and included with many sets of Grecian breastplates. This particular example matches the design that comes with our Royal Muscle Cuirass.
Price: $135.00
300 Rise of an Empire Greek Cape
Item #881030
Like the Spartans, other Greek warriors wore capes into battle. In the film, many Greek warriors favored blue as their color, and this 300 Rise of an Empire Greek Cape reflects that, offering up a blue cape for any hoplite to wear.
Price: $160.00
Spartan Sandals
Item #FW2074
Some of the foremost warriors of the ancient world, Spartan warriors wore items that were less elegant and more practical and comfortable. The Spartan Sandals reflect that mentality with a simple look that hides rugged functionality.
Price: $95.95
Greek Goddess High Heel Sandals
Item #FW2126
A sultry shoe for a goddess of fashion, these strappy high heels look great when paired with a toga costume or playful dress. The Greek Goddess High Heel Sandals display four buckled straps that wrap around your calf.
Price: $73.95
Golden High Heel Gladiator Sandals
Item #FW2108
Whether you are heading to a toga party or a night on the town, the Golden High Heel Gladiator Sandals offer a fun and strappy option to complement your fashion-forward ensemble with their bold knee-high style.
Price: $60.00
Helen of Troy Gown
Item #101606
This lovely flowing gown harkens back to an age of Olympian gods and goddesses with its pure white material and golden accents. The Helen of Troy Gown will allow you to dress as the most beautiful woman of the ancient world.
Price: $195.00