Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick

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This walking stick is a hand-carved masterpiece that is made from natural Irish Blackthorn Wood with polished natural bark. The Irish Blackthorn Walking stick has an overall length of 20 Inches with a leather strap with a form that mimics the classic Irish Shillelagh. Historically, the Shillelagh began as a cudgel, a bludgeon that Irishmen used as a gentlemanly weapon when settling disputes, as well as a personal defense tool and walking support (depending on length). This short support echoes the form of a defensive club, shaped to resemble a walking stick, a tradition that started when bans on weapons caused many Irishmen to claim that a Shillelagh was nothing more than a walking stick.

Key Features:

  • Made from Irish Blackthorn Wood
  • Features attractive polished bark
  • Based on the classic Shillelagh shape
  • Handle end provides a good grip
  • Great for providing some support
  • Leather strap allows for easy carrying
  • A strong and sturdy stick and cudgel


  • Overall Length: 20 Inches