Excalibur Walking Cane by Marto

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The Excalibur Walking Cane by Marto pays homage to the legendary sword of King Arthur himselfthe sword that defined a true king, which Arthur used to rule all of Camelot in his legend. This cane bears the medallion-head of one of Martos replica swords, which is why the cane is named for the weapon. The cane is sleek and simple: it is a walking stick first and foremost and an accessory second, although the simplicity leads to the elegant design. The cap of the cane is the medallion mimicked from the Marto Excalibur: silvered and depicting two great beasts struggling against one another. If a stylish, yet functional cane is your desire, then look no further than the Excalibur Walking Cane by Marto: high quality material and simple, yet elegant design will not let you down.

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