Elven LARP Collection

The LARP Elven Collection by Forgotten Dreams are ideal for live action roleplay, as practice weapons, and even theatrical props. The Elven Collection is great for Lord of the Ring characters or just about anyone who enjoys attending NERO events. This LARP collection of weapons, including katanas, naginata, daggers, and staves, features oriental styles blended with fantastic elements. These LARP weapons are constructed with a fiberglass core surrounded by layers of latex coated polyethylene, shred resistant foam.
High Elven Blue LARP Katana
Item #FD-1023
Embellished with the appearance of a blue jewel, the High Elven Blue LARP Katana is an elegant addition to any fantasy weapon arsenal. With its combination of traditional katana shape and elvish styling, this LARP sword is a treasure.
Price: $107.22
High Elven Black LARP Katana
Item #FD-1026
Regal and sleek, the High Elven Black LARP Katana features the appearance of a dark jewel on its hilt, surrounded by the curving, golden colored details of the guard. Above its matching pommel, the grip is wrapped in black material.
Price: $107.22
Elven Katana LARP Sword
Item #FD-1020
Strike with the deadly elegance of a warrior elf when you wield the Elven Katana LARP Sword. Inspired by the traditional Japanese swords, this foam weapon features just enough detail to lend it a distinguished and sleek fantasy look.
Price: $87.72
Elven Naginata LARP Weapon
Item #FD-1021
Inspired by the long-bladed pole arms of samurai, the Elven Naginata LARP Weapon blends the elegance and might of a traditional blade with subtle elvish styling, making it a sleek addition to the arsenal of any fantasy LARPer.
Price: $116.97
High Elven Red LARP Katana
Item #FD-1025
With the appearance of a deep red jewel embedded in its golden colored guard, the High Elven Red LARP Katana melds traditional Japanese-inspired sword design with the most elegant of fantasy aesthetics for a unique, regal look.
Price: $107.22
High Elven Green LARP Staff
Item #FD-1028
Perhaps the magical staff of a woodland king or the holy weapon of a forest priestess, the High Elven Green LARP Staff features a glorious, golden colored dragon wing symbol at its top, embellished by vibrant green gem-like details.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Black LARP Staff
Item #FD-1030
Fit for a wide variety of magic-wielding LARP characters, the High Elven Black LARP Staff features a magnificent, golden colored dragon wing symbol mounted to the top of its haft, adorned at its base with black gem-like details.
Price: $170.58
Elven Tanto LARP Weapon
Item #FD-1022
With a short blade inspired by traditional Japanese weaponry, the features of the Elven Tanto LARP Weapon blend its historic origins with fantasy elements. The silvery blade is complemented by golden colored details on its hilt.
Price: $53.60
High Elven Green LARP Katana
Item #FD-1024
The likeness of a bright green jewel rests in the hilt of the High Elven Green LARP Katana, surrounded by curving, golden colored details. This foam sword presents a stylish mix of traditional Japanese weaponry and fantasy detail.
Price: $107.22
High Elven Blue LARP Staff
Item #FD-1027
Displaying charming fantasy details, the High Elven Blue LARP Staff is a stunning weapon for any LARP character with a penchant for magic. Blue gem-like details are situated at its top, right below its golden colored wing symbol.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Red LARP Staff
Item #FD-1029
An elegantly crafted dragon wing symbol adorns the top of the High Elven Red LARP Staff, embellished with red gem-like details. Made of high quality materials, this regal fantasy staff is ready to enchant at your next LARP event.
Price: $170.58
Elven Gladius LARP Sword
Item #FD-1019
Often hailed as an elegant people, elves are known for their graceful aesthetic. The Elven Gladius LARP Sword borrows its classic shape from traditional Roman weaponry and is expertly embellished with fantasy-inspired details.
Price: $53.60