Chaos LARP Collection

The Chaos LARP collection is a collection of LARP maces, LARP swords, LARP daggers, LARP axes and LARP shields made by Forgotten Dreams. These swords and weapons are made to look like real swords and will last for years of Live Action Roleplaying. The Chaos LARP Collection feature dark metallic colors like black and gold, constructed with a leaning towards a sinister aesthetic. If your fantasy LARP character is prone to villainy, then this collection is for you. Most opponents will be running scared when you attack them with these LARP swords. Some of the shields even feature details on their front for a blood spattered look. These LARP swords and daggers can be used for a variety of re-enactments and roleplaying situations.
Chaos LARP Sword
Item #FD-1014
Every warrior needs a trusted blade, and the Chaos LARP Sword is perfect for LARPers who like weapons with a darker twist. Made of high quality foam layered over a fiberglass core, this weapon is ready for any fantasy LARP skirmish.
Price: $77.97
Chaos LARP Axe
Item #FD-1010
Expertly crafted to resemble the weapon of a fierce and seasoned warrior, the Chaos LARP Axe is made of thick foam with an inner fiberglass core. With careful detailing, this foam weapon is ready to brave the tides of LARP battle.
Price: $116.97
Chaos Long LARP Sword
Item #FD-1015
Stir up a bit of mayhem on the battlefield with the Chaos Long LARP Sword. Made of thick, high quality foam surrounding an inner fiberglass core, this sword is a striking way to charge into any LARP battle with dark fantasy style.
Price: $82.85
Chaos LARP Mace
Item #FD-1016
Nothing says destruction quite like a mace, and the Chaos LARP Mace is no exception. With its expertly crafted details, this latex coated foam weapon is sure to strike your opponent with fear when you step onto the LARP battlefield.
Price: $116.97
Chaos LARP Long Axe
Item #FD-1012
If you love the look of battle-weathered fantasy axes but want the range of a longer weapon, look no further than the Chaos LARP Long Axe. This foam, latex coated axe features a single fearsome blade at the top of an extended haft.
Price: $165.70
Chaos Double Headed LARP Axe
Item #FD-1011
For LARP warriors seeking a weapon as wicked and mighty as their own fighting spirit, the Chaos Double Headed LARP Axe is the perfect addition to their arsenal. Expertly detailed, this LARP weapon features two fearsome blades.
Price: $146.21
Chaos LARP Machete
Item #FD-1013
For ruthless LARPers looking for a wicked knife to add to their arsenal, the Chaos LARP Machete is ideal. With its fearsome, angled blade and fantasy-inspired details, this foam weapon is ready to strike fear during any LARP battle.
Price: $53.60
Chaos Bloody Skirmisher LARP Shield
Item #FD-1017
With blood splatters across its surface, you know the Chaos Bloody Skirmisher LARP Shield is ready to face the fiercest of frays. Made of a thick, high quality polyethylene foam, this round shield is made for use during LARP events.
Price: $126.71
Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield
Item #FD-1018
A good shield is as important as any weapon, and the Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield is a fantastic choice for defending yourself on the LARP battle field. This authentic-looking shield is made of high quality polyethylene foam.
Price: $126.71