Aphrodite Statue
Item #CC8844
As the Greek goddess of love, desire, and beauty, Aphrodite was seen as the most beautiful and desirable woman in existence. Here, the Aphrodite Statue captures the idea that among the goddesses, none were as beautiful as Aphrodite.
Price: $50.00
Chaos Demon Bronze Statue
Item #CC9573
Demons are a universal concept in mythology and faith, and the Chaos Demon Bronze Statue creates a classic look of the iconic terror from hell - a bestial and ferocious demon, born of the darkest pits and seeking destruction and chaos.
Price: $64.00
Athena Statue
Item #CC7853
In Greek Mythology, Athena is the goddess of civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, craft, justice, and skill. Her Roman incarnation embodies similar attributes. The Athena Statue depicts this goddess in fantastic warrior glory.
Price: $49.50
Odin Bust Statue
Item #CC8280
The Odin Bust Statue represents the chief god in Norse Mythology and the ruler of the Asgard. His role is complex and he is considered a principal member of the Norse Pantheon. He is associated with wisdom, war, battle, and death.
Price: $36.00
Bronze Atlas Statue
Item #CC7322
In Greek mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who supported the Heavens from the ranges now called the Atlas Mountains. The Bronze Atlas Statue depicts the mythical figure holding the sphere of the sky on his shoulders.
Price: $56.00
Nike of Samothrace Statue
Item #SC8027
This elegant, cold cast resin statue is a replica of the famous Nike of Samothrace, a 2nd century B.C. marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike.
Price: $32.00
Valkyrie Bust Statue
Item #CC8279
The Valkyrie Bust statue represents the chooser of the slain from Norse mythology. The Valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who decides who will die in battle. The Valkyries bring their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain.
Price: $36.00
Centaur Statue
Item #CC8219
In Greek Mythology, Centaurs are a race of creatures composed of part human and part horse. This statue is made of cold cast bronze and measures 11.38 inches. The Centaur Statue would make a great gift for any mythology buff.
Price: $56.00
Pan Statue
Item #CC8898
Not only is he perhaps one of the most recognized satyrs in mythology, but Pan is recognized as a Greek god of the wilds and of rustic music. In the Pan Statue, the half man, half goat sits atop a stump, pipes held securely in hand.
Price: $48.00
Norse God - Odin Statue
Item #WU-1028
The Norse pantheon is rich with gods, each of whom plays an important role. None, though, can boast such importance as the god depicted in this Norse God - Odin Statue, as Odin is the ruler of the Aesir and the Vanir pantheons.
Price: $53.20
White Stone Seated Justice Statue
Item #CC9923
Lady Justice is an allegorical personification of the impartial moral force of justice in the legal system. In the White Stone Seated Justice Statue, Lady Justice sits, blindfolded, with her sword and scales in hand.
Price: $40.00
Diana Statue
Item #CC7854
In Roman Mythology Diana was the goddess of the hunt, which made associated her with wild animals and woodland, and also the moon. She was known to be the virgin goddess. Oak groves were sacred to her. This statue measures 10.25 inches.
Price: $56.00
Hera Statue
Item #CC7852
In Greek Mythology, Hera is the wife and one of three sisters of Zeus. Her chief position is the goddess of women and marriage. The peacock is sacred to her. Daughter of Rhea and Cronus, she is portrayed as majestic and solemn.
Price: $49.50
Medusa Statue
Item #CC8222
In Greek mythology, Medusa was a gorgon. Gazing directly upon her would turn onlookers to stone. She was beheaded by Perseus, who thereafter used her head as a weapon. This statue is made of cold cast bronze and accented by hand.
Price: $49.50
Lady Fortuna Statue
Item #WU-1144
Like the Greeks before them, the Romans had gods and goddesses that embodied every aspect of life. Fortuna, depicted in this Lady Fortuna Statue, was the Roman goddess of fortune and wealth and divine personification of luck.
Price: $38.57
Artemis Statue
Item #CC8221
Artemis was one of the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities. The Artemis Statue depicts the Hellenic goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, young girls, and the health of women using beautiful cold cast bronze.
Price: $49.50
Apollo Statue
Item #CC7846
An important Olympian deity, Apollo was recognized as the god of many things, including the sun, truth, archery, medicine, the arts, and more. The Apollo Statue depicts the Greek god in phenomenal detail within a scene from myth.
Price: $60.00
Seated Odin Statue
Item #DD-168-ODNW
This Seated Odin Statue has the look of Norse craftsmanship. Its overall detailing and wooden finish make it seem very much as though it were carved from a block of wood, which makes it a rather desirable piece for any enthusiasts.
Price: $44.99
Bronze Maiden Goddess Statue
Item #CC9852
The maiden figure in a goddess triad, preceding the Mother and Crone figures, represents youth and its potential. The Bronze Maiden Goddess Statue depicts her as a young girl dressed in decorated robes, sitting upon a tree stump.
Price: $32.00
Bronze Zeus Statue
Item #CC8900
In Greek mythos, Zeus is the son of Cronus and Rhea, the god and ruler of the sky, and the king of the gods. Here, in the Bronze Zeus Statue, he is shown in a traditional battle pose, muscles taut and arm drawn back, ready to strike.
Price: $36.00
Bronze Loki Statue
Item #CC8850
The Bronze Loki Statue depicts the complex god from ancient Norse mythology with two of his most fearsome children. Often viewed as a trickster and a villain, Loki is here shown armed with a halberd and dressed in full armour.
Price: $60.00
Bronze Aphrodite Statue
Item #CC7542
As the Greek goddess of love and desire, Aphrodite is associated with the pursuit of love and beauty. In the Bronze Aphrodite Statue, she is pictured as a lovely young woman who stands tall and serene while the wind plays with her hair.
Price: $50.00
Odin Riding Sleipnir Statue
Item #WU-1369
The All Father is the ruler of Asgard, god of war, wisdom, poetry, and death. See the majesty of the Norse high god, in extraordinarily detailed cold cast bronze, with the Odin Riding Sleipnir Statue.
Price: $90.00
Atlas Statue
Item #CC8002
In Greek mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who supported the Heavens from the ranges now called the Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Statue depicts this famous Titan burdened by his task in beautiful white cold cast resin.
Price: $40.00
Battling Thor StatueBattling Thor Statue
Item #CC8431
In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the last battle that reduces the world to ash. During the battle, Thor is fated to fight his greatest enemy, the world serpent Jormungandr. This epic battle is depicted in the Battling Thor Statue.
Price: $64.00
Seated Odin Statue
Item #CC8851
Depicting the ruling god of Norse mythology, the Seated Odin Statue depicts a wizened yet powerful man as he sits on a simple throne, accompanied by a loyal hound at his side and a single raven perched upon his shoulder.
Price: $76.00
Hebe (Bertel Thorvaldsen) Statue
Item #WU-1142
Hebe is a lesser known Greek goddess, whose province of power was youth. This Hebe Statue is a depiction of that goddess, and a recreation of a sculpture crafted in 1816 by the famed Danish artist and sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen.
Price: $37.62
Hermes Statue
Item #CC8220
Hermes is the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology and also a guide to the Underworld. He was an Olympian. His symbols include the tortoise, rooster, winged sandals, and a winged hat. This statue is made of cold cast bronze.
Price: $44.00
Apollo Profile Statue
Item #CC7849
The son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother to Artemis, Apollo is one of the most important and diverse of the Olympian deities. The Apollo Profile Statue depicts the Greek god in stunning, hand painted detail on cold cast bronze.
Price: $49.50
Heimdall Statue
Item #CC8428
In Norse mythology, the god Heimdall was tasked with an important duty. In the Heimdall Statue, the god is depicted with a powerful axe in hand and his magnificent horn, Gallarhorn, brought to his mouth to sound a loud, clear note.
Price: $48.00
Marble Aphrodite Statue
Item #CC8447
As the Greek goddess of love and desire, Aphrodite is associated with the pursuit of love and beauty. In the Marble Aphrodite Statue, she is pictured as a lovely young woman who stands tall and serene while the wind plays with her hair.
Price: $32.00
Standing Valkyrie Statue
Item #CC8849
One of the choosers of the slain from Norse Mythology, a Valkyrie is shown in the Standing Valkyrie Statue. Depicted as a young woman dressed for battle, the Valkyrie decides who dies in battle, then bears the dead to the afterlife.
Price: $48.00
Odin and Sleipnir Statue
Item #CC8430
Odin possessed many animal companions, including ravens and hunting hounds, but none were grander than his mighty steed, Sleipnir. In the Odin and Sleipnir Statue, the pair is depicted as Odin gives a cry while riding off to war.
Price: $72.00
Freyr Statue
Item #CC8429
Freyr was a god in Norse mythology who was associated with farming and weather. In the Freyr Statue, he is depicted in a more warlike appearance, befitting his other title as the one who bestows peace and pleasure on mortals.
Price: $48.00
Herne Statue
Item #CC8899
Herne the Hunter is a ghost associated with Windsor Forest in England. The Herne Statue depicts the appearance that is commonly associated with this great hunter - a strong man with ragged deer antlers growing from his head.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Thor Attacks Statue
Item #CC8929
There is not a more well-known Norse god than Thor, the god of lightning, thunder, and strength. In the Bronze Thor Attacks Statue, this famous son of Odin charges across the ground, swinging his mighty hammer in a wide arc.
Price: $60.00
Thor Bust Statue
Item #CC8451
Thor is a well-known god from Norse mythology. He is the son of Odin and is associated with thunder, storms, and strength. He is also well-known as the wielder of the hammer, Mjolnir. He is depicted in the Thor Bust Statue.
Price: $36.00
Standing Lady Justice Statue
Item #CC8843
Having arisen from her place of rest, the Standing Lady Justice Statue depicts a blindfolded young woman who wields a scale and a sword in her attempt to seek true justice, absolving the innocent while punishing the guilty.
Price: $30.00
St. George Slaying A Dragon Statue
Item #WU-1164
In life, St. George was a Greek soldier who served as an officer in the Roman army. After his death he was canonized and is credited with having slain a dragon, an act represented in detail by this St. George Slaying a Dragon Statue.
Price: $63.00
Norse God - Freyr Statue
Item #WU-1030
The Norse pantheon is rich with intriguing gods, each of whom plays an important role. The Norse God - Freyr Statue depicts an important god, who presides over sunshine, fair weather, prosperity, and, surprisingly, kingship.
Price: $57.00
Frigga Statue
Item #CC8427
As queen of the gods and wife to Odin, Frigga was the foremost of goddesses in Norse mythology. In the Frigga Statue, she is depicted as a beautiful woman who wields a staff and sits atop a strange, beast-like statue as a throne.
Price: $48.00
The Trojan Horse Statue
Item #WU-1009
The Trojan Horse is an iconic and well-known aspect of literature, being the final blow that brought down the city of Troy. Now, you can have your own recreation of this mythic icon in this impressive Trojan Horse Statue.
Price: $66.50
Eros And Psyche Statue
Item #CC8575
Eros and Psyche are lovers who go through a lot to be together. This statue features Eros flying above Psyche while she lays on a stone. This statue is made of hand painted resin. This would make a great statue for indoor or outdoor use.
Price: $270.00
Bronze Wrathful Zeus Statue
Item #CC8925
Zeus was the god of the sky, lightning, and storms. He was the king of the gods, and as such, few were depicted as grandly as he was. In this Bronze Wrathful Zeus Statue, we catch a glimpse of Zeus as he casts lightning upon another.
Price: $48.00
Norse God - Heimdall Statue
Item #WU-1026
The Norse pantheon is rich with intriguing gods, each of whom plays an important role in Norse life and has a vital role to come at the end of the world. This Norse God - Heimdall Statue depicts a powerful Nordic god-warrior.
Price: $51.30
Bronze Venus by Canova Statue
Item #CC8440
In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and desire and a maternal figure, a mother of the people. In the Bronze Venus by Canova Statue, we see a modest yet beautiful side of the goddess of desire.
Price: $32.00
Bronze Hestia Statue
Item #CC8921
Hestia is an important Greek goddess that is oftentimes forgotten in lieu of her other, more boisterous relatives. This Bronze Hestia Statue, however, celebrates the goddess of hearth and family by depicting her in all her radiance.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Lady Justice Statue
Item #CC8981
Justice is beautiful and blind. This Bronze Lady Justice Statue depicts her in her classic form, that of a lovely woman wearing a blindfold. In one hand, she holds a sword. From the other hangs a scale representing her authority.
Price: $190.00
Seated Thor Statue
Item #DD-171-STHW
This Seated Thor Statue has the look of Norse craftsmanship. Its overall detailing and wooden finish make it seem very much as though it were carved from a block of wood, which makes it a rather desirable piece for any enthusiasts.
Price: $44.99
Dionysus Statue
Item #CC7544
Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, wine-making, and ritual madness. Here, in the Dionysus Statue, we see the god depicted as a youthful man partaking of the finer things in life, namely good food and good drink.
Price: $49.50
Poseidon on Chariot Statue
Item #CC8438
The Poseidon on Chariot Statue depicts the Grecian god of the seas as he rides about his domain in his favorite chariot. The sea gods chariot is far different from the chariot of men, shaped like a clamshell pulled by seahorses.
Price: $77.50
Artemis - The Goddess Of Hunting And Wilderness Statue
Item #WU-1128
Greek gods and goddesses were numerous, as there was a personification for every aspect in existence. This Artemis - Goddess of Hunting and Wilderness depicts a goddess who was well-known for her purity and fiery demeanor.
Price: $49.40
Medusa Wall Plaque
Item #CC8466
The story of Medusa is a familiar Greek myth about one of the three monstrous gorgons, who have snakes for hair and a gaze that can turn men into stone. The Medusa Wall Plaque is a startling decoration featuring this infamous monster.
Price: $77.00
Bronze Mounted Ares Statue
Item #CC8922
As the god of war, Ares was often celebrated by warriors of all types and creeds. Here, in this brilliantly detailed Bronze Mounted Ares Statue, he is depicted as grand warrior clad in resplendent armour atop an adorned warhorse.
Price: $56.00
Celtic Goddess Mother Earth Danu Bust
Item #WU-1011
Mother Earth is a powerful figure, one that occurs in just about every mythology on the planet. The Greeks knew her as Gaia, and in this Celtic Goddess Mother Earth Danu Bust, you can see goddess as the Celts envisioned her.
Price: $56.00
Bronze Hebe by Thorvaldsen Statue
Item #CC8441
The Bronze Hebe by Thorvaldsen Statue depicts the likeness of Hebe, the Greek goddess of youth, who was responsible for serving the gods their feasts of ambrosia and nectar. This statue depicts the goddess carrying their repast.
Price: $32.00
Small Lady of Justice Statue
Item #CC9194
Blind, vigilant, fair - these are all words that best describe how justice should be. Each of these concepts exists within the image of justice that we often imagine today, a woman depicted in this Small Lady of Justice Statue.
Price: $20.00
Loki Bust Statue
Item #CC8452
The Loki Bust is a depiction of a well-known figure from Norse mythology associated with trickery and strife. Loki is credited with multiple origins, which vary depending on source, although he often possesses god-like power.
Price: $36.00
Bronze Thinker Statue
Item #CC8688
Often used to represent philosophy, the Bronze Thinker Statue depicts a man lost in deep, meditative contemplation. The statue was first cast in 1902, and it has been re-cast and recreated several times through the years.
Price: $37.00
Full Color Odin Statue
Item #CC9153
In Norse culture, it would take a powerful god to stand out and above the rest, to rise as a king and rule his godly brethren. Odin was one such god. The Full Color Odin Statue flawlessly depicts a rendition of this legendary deity.
Price: $72.00