Functional Armour from Medieval Collectables

Medieval Collectables has a large variety of fully functional battle ready steel armour. We have many pieces of functional steel armour such as body armour, leg armour, arm armour, and full suits of armour. Functional body armour pieces include functional breastplates, backplates, cuirasses and harnesses. In functional leg armour we have everything from greaves to thigh armour. Arm armour includes functional arm bracers, pauldrons, gauntlets and spaulders. Many pieces of our functional steel armour are custom made to your measurements and you can select what type of steel, gauge of steel or thickness and color. Our functional steel armour is used by SCA groups, medieval fairs, movies, LARP events, and reenactments. We add new functional armour pieces monthly so always check back with us for the most current pieces of steel armour from around the world.
DIY Armour Pieces, Do-It-Yourself Plate Armour, Plate Armour Pieces, and Plate Armour Repair
Our DIY Armour Pieces at Medieval Collectables allow you to build your own custom, one-of-a-kind armour for historic reenactment or LARP use, whether it be ring armour, plate armour, or scale armour. Known for their segmented armour styles, Viking, Samurai, or Roman warrior looks can be recreated with items like our lamellae plates. These crafty armour pieces can even be used to repair and modify existing armour.
Full Suits of Armour
Suit up! Get ready for battle in one of our finely crafted full suits of armor. All functional full suits of armour are re-enactment safe. With a great price range, a full suit of armor can fit into anyone's budget. These functional full suits of armour are made of high quality steel and some of the custom made to ensure both a historical look and a good fit. We have many different styles of functional armour, such as Tournament Armor, Knights Armor, Gothic Armor, Battle Armor and also full suits of Samurai Armor. When your are not wearing your armor put it on display in your home, all of our full suits of armor come with a display stand.
Functional Arm Armour
We have top quality functional steel gauntlets, arm bracers and pauldrons along with full arm armour and some combinations packages. All our functional arm armour is made out of quality steel and can be used in the SCA or LARP events. Some or our functional arm armour you can choose the steel finish, steel thickness or gauge, color and size. We have functional arm armour is styles that range from medieval, renaissance, Gothic and fantasy. Some of our steel arm armour is inspired from movies like Gladiator and Lord of the Rings.
Functional Body Armour
In this section you will find a large variety of functional steel body armour. We have functional breastplates, back plates, cuirasses, harnesses, Roman muscle armour, Roman lorica segmentas and wearable armour and helmet sets. All of our functional armour found here is made to be used. Our functional breastplates provide protection for the front of the body, while our functional cuirasses protect both the front and back.
Functional Childrens Armor
Re-enacting or LARPing is a great hobby for a kid to get involded in. It not only builds character, but is a great physical activity and they may even learn a bit of history! The armour featured here are smaller versions of our Adult armour. We have leather armour and steel armour designs for children. It is always best to have your child wear a gambeson under their armour, this will ensure a comfortable fit and minimal slipping. All of our childrens steel armour is crafted from 18 gauge steel. Styles are available in dark metal or regular plain steel. Our leather armour is made from 7/8 ounce leather which is plenty thick for practicing. The average age our armour is targeted for is 6 to 15. Please check the size chart on each item for actual measurements of the armour, since all kids are different at each age.
Functional Gorgets
Medieval Collectables has steel gorgets and bevors that will protect your neck and your shoulders while in battle. Our functional neck armour can be worn with your steel armour or over a leather breast plate. All our steel gorgets are fully functional and are adjustable for a comfortable fit. Most functional neck armour is made of 16 gauge steel and are suitable for SCA and LARP use. We have gorgets that come in steel or blackened steel. Medieval Collectables has many gorgets pieces to choose from and more to come in the future.
Functional Leg Armour
In this section you will find a large variety of functional steel leg armour. We have full steel legs, knee cops, greaves, sabatons, cuisse and thigh armour all worthy of the battle field. All of our functional leg armor found here is made to be used. We have full leg armour that protects the entire leg from the thigh or upper leg, knees and lower leg area. Functional greaves are designed to protect the lower leg and they come in pairs. Functional Cuisse or thigh armour protects the upper part of the leg. We also carry functional sabatons that prevent a sword or spear from going through your foot.
Functional Steel Armour Packages
Our Complete Armour Packages include all the essential pieces needed so you are ready for battle right away. We have a variety of sets available from arm bracer and greave sets to full suits of armour. Some of the sets include a steel breastplate, steel backplate, pauldrons, tasset belt, arm bracers and greaves. These Armour Sets are very versatile, depending on the event you're in you can choose to wear all the pieces or only some of the pieces. The armour is crafted from 18 gauge steel and includes all leather straps and buckles needed for wearing. We recommend any of our gambesons to be worn under the armour for comfort and ease of movement without any pinching. Great for LARP, Theater, Movies, Costumes and the SCA (check with your local chapter for approval).