Ancient LARP Collection

The Ancient Collection is designed by Forgotten Dreams with a Roman styled theme. The Ancient Collection includes all the weapons that a Roman Soldier would use during battle. Use the large, rectangular scutum style shields for protection. Our LARP swords include the Gladius sword, short sword, and the falcata sword. Along with a trusty sword, daggers like our Ancient Pugio LARP Dagger are always needed for close combat. Finally, we carry the Ancient Roman LARP Spear for long distance attacks. These weapons are constructed of a fiberglass rod core under layers of plastic foam, a coat of latex and an elastic gloss finish. The Ancient Collection is perfect for you if your LARP clan is made of Roman Soldiers.
Ancient Roman LARP Spear
Item #FD-1009
The Ancient Roman LARP Spear, with its inner fiberglass core covered in thick foam, is made for taking charge of the battle from long range. Crafted with detail, this themed LARP weapon sports a latex coating with a gloss finish.
Price: $136.46
Ancient Falcata LARP Sword
Item #FD-1000
Based on a weapon of old once used by Carthage armies to fight the Romans, the Ancient Falcata LARP Sword is a fantastic addition to your LARP arsenal, featuring a latex coating, elastic gloss finish, and reinforced fiberglass core.
Price: $48.73
Deluxe Ancient Roman LARP Shield
Item #FD-1007
Guard yourself in authentic, Roman-inspired style with the Deluxe Ancient Roman LARP Shield. This shred resistant foam shield is a dynamic and eye-catching way to add defense to any Roman-inspired live action roleplay ensemble.
Price: $233.94
Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword
Item #FD-1004
For an authentic Roman soldier look, choose the Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword for your LARP character. Made of shred resistant foam, this latex-coated weapon is inspired by the short swords used in the historic days of Rome.
Price: $53.60
Ancient Roman LARP Short Sword
Item #FD-1002
Inspired by the weapons once used by Roman soldiers in close combat, the Ancient Roman LARP Short Sword appears similar to a gladius. Made of a thick, high quality foam, this LARP sword is perfect for your next themed roleplay event.
Price: $43.86
Ancient Pugio LARP Dagger
Item #FD-1003
If your character hails from the historic days of Rome, then the Ancient Pugio LARP Dagger is a must-have addition to your ensemble. This authentic-looking LARP weapon is inspired by the daggers used by soldiers and officials alike.
Price: $38.98
Ancient Roman LARP Shield
Item #FD-1006
Keep your guard up in battle with the Ancient Roman LARP Shield. Made of shred resistant foam and displaying a vibrant red color, this LARP shield is ideal for defending yourself during Roman-inspired live action roleplay activities.
Price: $194.95
Ancient Alexander Falcata LARP Sword
Item #FD-1001
An ornate take on a weapon of old, the Ancient Alexander Falcata LARP Sword features a hilt wrapped in brown and a golden colored pommel shaped like the head of a majestic horse, matched by the elegantly curving, golden colored guard.
Price: $53.60
Short Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword
Item #FD-1005
Based on the historic short swords of historic Rome, the Short Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword features an austere design that gets right to the point. Made of thick foam, this LARP weapon boasts a fiberglass core and latex coating.
Price: $43.86
Ancient Roman LARP Sword
Item #FD-1008
For a full length blade with historical styling, check out the Ancient Roman LARP Sword. Featuring an austere appearance based on the weapons of old, this shred resistant, polyethylene foam blade is reinforced with a fiberglass core.
Price: $53.60