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Medieval Collectables is proud to offer a wide range of products for kids of all ages. We have Medieval toy action figures, knight lights and medieval collectible toys. Our Medieval action figures are very accurate and detailed and come in 1/6 scale or 1/8 scale. These medieval action figures include Medieval Knights, Roman Centurion Soldiers, Viking Bowman, Knight Hospitallers, Norman Warriors, Teutonic Knights, Knights on Horseback and many other styles. Check out our Medieval Knight Lights too, they are the perfect addition to the Medieval or Renaissance themed room. Medieval knight lights will help guide your child to safety and defend off evil villains.
Cyclops Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801829
The Cyclops is a legendary creature out of Greek mythology, one to whom great works are attributed. You and your children can enjoy this mythic creature in the comforts of your own home, in the form of this Cyclops Fantasy Figure.
Price: $11.75
Gladiator of Ancient Rome Figure
Item #S-500104
A few good figurines are sometimes just what you need to bring a scene to life. And if that scene happens to be Roman, then you can bet that this Gladiator of Ancient Rome Figure will prove useful to enthusiasts of all ages.
Price: $4.99
Medusa Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801929
The Medusa is a legendary creature out of Greek mythology, one whom was famously slain by the hero Perseus. This Medusa Fantasy Figure is alive and well, and wonderfully recreates this legendary creatures startling appearance.
Price: $11.75
Pirate Treasure Chest
Item #S-851829
Among pirate-y items, none are so famous as the chest of buried treasure. Of course, the benefit to this Pirate Treasure Chest is that it comes unburied, so you do not have to find it. That and it comes looking laden with pirate riches.
Price: $4.75
Midnight Moon Dragon Figure
Item #S-10165
This Midnight Moon Dragon Figure is a shadowy yet striking figurine of a purple and black nocturnal dragon, one that makes as a nice a decoration as it does a great toy, which makes it quite the versatile little dragon figure.
Price: $16.75
Knight With Leopard Helmet and Gold Lance
Item #S-62036
Jousting is one of the events that knights are the most well known for. This Knight with Leopard Helmet and Gold Lance is based on a medieval knight. It also happens to makes for great toy to any child with an interest in knights.
Price: $7.75
Pirate Raft
Item #S-850929-HD
Thanks to this detailed Pirate Raft, you can let your imagination sail wild with the prospect of playing pirates on the seven seas. This raft looks like the sort used by pirates to escape deserted islands, after their ship has sunk.
Price: $14.45
Sea Dragon Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801229
Dragons have long been a staple of fantasy and fiction, and none were a greater bane to sailors and mariners then the dreaded sea dragon! This Sea Dragon Fantasy Figure gives life to the legend as a stunningly detailed figurine.
Price: $15.75
Princess Juliet Medieval Figure
Item #S-705704
Sometimes, a vivacious princess is just what is needed to add spice to a fairytale. When it comes to building your fairytale with figurines, none fit quite as nicely as this Princess Juliet Medieval Figure and her graceful pose.
Price: $8.25
Fairy Fantasy Toob
Item #S-689804
Flitting about the fantasy world with their shimmering wings, these fairies have been briefly captured in the Fairy Fantasy Toob. Each fairy boldly displays her colors in their butterfly wings and outfits.
Price: $12.99
Mermaid Fantasy Figure
Item #S-800929
Mermaids have long been a fascination of sailors and mariners, as well as a popular subject of both art and fiction. This Mermaid Fantasy Figure depicts an aquatic female, captured out of water and rendered in stunning detail.
Price: $7.75
Four Headed Orange Dragon Figure
Item #S-60444
There is no denying that this Four Headed Orange Dragon Figure has a few similarities to the hydra of Greek myth, namely possessing multiple heads! That is where the similarities stop, making this an interesting dragon for any to own.
Price: $18.75
Princess Emily Medieval Figure
Item #S-705204
A princess is always the center of attention at royal balls, and the same would likely be true of this Princess Emily Medieval Figure. Rendered as she is, this figurine depicts a lovely princess in a gown that accents her beauty.
Price: $8.25
Robert De Mamines Knight
Item #S-62025
Every warrior of the middle ages was not a knight, as that title was reserved for the warriors who possessed the right skills and held to the right code. This Robert de Mamines Knight figure depicts one warrior who fits the description.
Price: $7.75
Hydra Fantasy Figure
Item #S-802029
No mythic creature is quite as well known or feared as the hydra. Resurrected from the swamps of Lerna, this Hydra Fantasy Figure recreates the fearsome look of this multi-headed beast in impressive detail for all to enjoy and collect.
Price: $22.75
Unicorn Fantasy Figure
Item #S-875529
The ever-elusive unicorn has been a steadfast element of fantasy for some time. In myth, it is a rare sight indeed, yet now, anyone, be they man, woman, or child, can possess a unicorn of their own, in this Unicorn Fantasy Figure.
Price: $11.75
Horse With White Robes and Silver Armour
Item #S-62031
A war horse was often considered to be a knights most prized possession, as well as a valued companion. This Horse with White Robes and Silver Armour figure is a knights warhorse that complements many of our knightly figures.
Price: $9.75
Baby Unicorn Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801729
Even more elusive and rare then an adult unicorn is a baby unicorn, although thanks to this Baby Unicorn Fantasy Figure, catching a glimpse of one will never be much of a problem, as all you have to do is find one of these figurines.
Price: $4.75
Horse With Red Robes and Blue Wings
Item #S-62039-HD
A war horse was often considered to be a knights most prized possession, as well as a valued companion. This Horse with Red Robes and Blue Wings figure is a knights warhorse that complements many of our knightly figures.
Price: $3.85
Queen Sofia Medieval Figure
Item #S-705104
The image of a queen is perfectly represented in this Queen Sofia Medieval Figure. She is matronly yet kind, while still featuring all the pomp and regal appeal that anyone, adult or child, would expect a noble queen to display.
Price: $8.25
Horse With Blue and Yellow Robes
Item #S-62026-HD
A war horse was often considered to be a knights most prized possession, as well as a valued companion. This Horse with Blue and Yellow Robes figure depicts a traditional war horse and complements several of our knight figures.
Price: $3.85
Phoenix Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801329
Of all the mythic birds, the Phoenix is one of the most famous, being known the world over for its ability to spontaneously combust and arise from its ashes. This Phoenix Fantasy Figure has all the beauty with none of the inferno.
Price: $11.75
Captain Thomas Red Beard Crowe Pirate Figure
Item #S-851229
The captain may be the most important position on a pirate ship, which is probably why everyone wants to be one. When your child plays at piracy, they can do so with a captain, the Captain Thomas Red Beard Crowe Pirate Figure.
Price: $5.75
Rose The Fairy Queen Figure
Item #S-875429
The Rose the Fairy Queen Figure is a regal thing, and it shows in every ounce of its look. As its name implies, this is no fairy princess but instead, a fairy queen, one that rules by good example as she presides over her subjects.
Price: $11.75
Princess Penelope Medieval Figure
Item #S-705304
Pure and innocent princesses often have a way with animals, and the same could be said of this Princess Penelope Medieval Figure. This princess has a heart of gold, evident by the way that she cradles a dove that perches on her hand.
Price: $8.25
Miniature Wooden Excalibur SwordMiniature Wooden Excalibur Sword
Item #ZS-926773
Excalibur is not just for adults, not any more. This Miniature Wooden Excalibur Sword takes the shape of the legendary sword and shrinks it down, creating a child-sized sword or an adult-sized dagger for an enthusiast to enjoy.
Price: $6.50
On Sale For: $5.85
Chimera Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801429
Few beasts are as monstrous as the chimera, and that is what makes it such an intriguing myth. This Chimera Fantasy Figure recreates the monstrous beast in all its detail, while also serving to help teach a bit about Greek myth.
Price: $15.75
Centaur Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801529
The realms of myth and legend are filled with mysterious creatures, and none are so impressive as the centaur. Represented here in all his glory, this Centaur Fantasy Figure is a great toy and collectible for both the young and the old.
Price: $11.75
Knight With Trumpet
Item #S-62019-HD
This Knight with Trumpet figure heralds his opponents doom, calling to arms all warriors with a fierce blast of his trumpet. In this way, this knight is the most dangerous of all, because it his horn that calls more knights to battle.
Price: $2.85
Poseidon Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801029
Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea, and one of three gods who ruled the three realms, alongside his brothers, Hades and Zeus. This Poseidon Fantasy Figure depicts this god in all his glory, so that enthusiasts can enjoy this legend.
Price: $7.75
Dragon Hatchlings Figure
Item #S-10117
Dragons do not begin as ferocious, fire breathing monsters. They hatch from eggs and happen to be quite the cute at first, as this Dragon Hatchlings Figure shows, although with time, any dragon hatchling can grow into a fearsome beast.
Price: $4.75
First Mate Jonathan Roberts Pirate Figure
Item #S-851129-HD
When you and your child are going to play pirate, you need to have the whole crew. On a ship, the first mate was important, so having the First Mate Jonathan Roberts Pirate Figure is pivotal, because he is the captains right hand man.
Price: $3.95
BlueBell Fairy Figure
Item #S-876429
From a distance, lit fairy orbs can easily be mistaken for the light of a firefly. In reality, they are just the work of this BlueBell Fairy Figure, as she lights the way for fairy processions and other celebrations of the fairy kingdom.
Price: $8.75
Prince Patrick Medieval Figure
Item #S-705404
The Prince Patrick Medieval Figure is the perfect picture of a fairytale prince, being both a regal royal and a dashing rogue. He is also a perfect gentleman, as evidenced by the pale pink rose he holds out for any maiden to accept.
Price: $8.25
Jasmine Fairy Figure
Item #S-875129
This beautiful, butterfly winged fairy is sure to enchant fairy fans of all ages, thanks to its vivid color and impressive detail. The Jasmine Fairy Figure is a pretty pixie that makes for a perfect collectible or a fantastic toy.
Price: $8.75
Iris Fairy Figure
Item #S-875229
Named and patterned after the lovely iris flower, this Iris Fairy Figure is a pretty figurine that details a young pixie that possesses, according to her informational insert, an exceedingly rare yet important special talent.
Price: $8.75
Cloud Dragon Figure
Item #S-10115
As beasts of myth and legend, dragons often command forces that are beyond the norm. They are also intriguing creatures, so much so that this detailed Cloud Dragon Figure is capable of holding the interest of both the young and the old.
Price: $19.75
Pirate Skeleton
Item #S-851629-HD
Another classic decoration of the pirate age is the Pirate Skeleton, which can be used just about anywhere to create a traditional pirate style, whether you are using it for decoration or your child is using it to create a pirate hideout.
Price: $3.95
Knight With White and Red Lance
Item #S-62013
Such was the prowess of the medieval knights that they are immortalized in legend. Now, one warrior comes out of the stories so that children might enjoy their own knightly tales, thanks to this Knight with White and Red Lance figure.
Price: $7.75
Forest Dragon Figure
Item #S-10155
Dragons represent many things to different people. Some see this Forest Dragon Figure as a symbol of terror, and others see it as a symbol of wisdom. Many will also see this figure for its detail, which makes it a great collectible.
Price: $17.75
First Mate Anne Bonny Pirate Figure
Item #S-850329-HD
If it has always been you or your childs dream to live a pirate life, then perhaps a good pirate collectible is a great way to make that dream come true. Even better, this First Mate Anne Bonny Pirate Figure also makes for a fun toy!
Price: $4.25
King Alfred Medieval Figure
Item #S-705004
For the regal image of a king, nothing compares to the splendor of the King Alfred Medieval Figure. Even in miniature, this impressive figure has a kingly look that makes it a perfect collectible or an ideal toy for a childs fantasy.
Price: $10.25
Griffin Fantasy Figure
Item #S-800829
Among the beasts of fantasy, few compare to the majesty and the might of the Griffin. The same might and majesty of this fearsome beast are perfectly captured in this Griffin Fantasy Figure, allowing anyone to have their own griffin.
Price: $11.75
Buttercup Fairy Figure
Item #S-875329
It is not common knowledge that no two pairs of fairy wings are alike, and we have the Buttercup Fairy Figure to thank for that. This figurine depicts a jubilant pixie with a joyful expression on her face, standing with her hand raised.
Price: $8.75
Minotaur Fantasy Figure
Item #S-801129
It may have originated in ancient Greek myth, but the Minotaur gradually became a staple of fantasy and fiction. This Minotaur Fantasy Figure depicts the beast as a fearsome warrior who combines the features of both man and bull.
Price: $7.75
Duke of Bourbon Knight
Item #S-62021
Knights came from all over medieval Europe. This Duke of Bourbon Knight figure, for instance, is patterned after the knights that would have come from France, and those that would have served directly under a noble Duke.
Price: $8.75
Fire Dragon Figure
Item #S-10125
This terrible trio of heads would prove frightening to even the most steadfast of warriors. Of course, that is what makes this Fire Dragon Figure so appealing, both as a novel dragon decoration and as a fantastic dragon toy.
Price: $18.75
Daisy The Fairy Baby Figure
Item #S-875729-HD
All infants are precious, and that is no different in regards to fairy babies. This Daisy the Fairy Baby Figure depicts an adorable yet mischievous fairy child as she stands and smiles in anticipation of her next learning adventure.
Price: $4.65
Pegasus Fantasy Figure
Item #S-800729
The Pegasus is a traditional creature of fantasy, but its origins come from Greek mythology, where this winged horse was hailed as the son of Poseidon. Ever elusive, now you can have a Pegasus of your own in this Pegasus Fantasy Figure.
Price: $11.75
Ice Dragon Figure
Item #S-10145
Not all dragons are creatures of flame. Some, like this Ice Dragon Figure, are a beautiful creatures that are every bit as dangerous as a dragon should be, as well as being quite the impressive sight to see for anyone who encounters it.
Price: $16.75
Gunner Phillip Morton Pirate Figure
Item #S-851529-HD
As you can imagine, the gunner was an important position on a pirate ship. That makes this Gunner Phillip Morton Pirate Figure an important part of any childs pirate crew, because without the gunner, who will fire the cannons?
Price: $3.95
Fairy Tea Party Set
Item #S-876029
A fairy life is not always jubilance and mischief. Sometimes, a fairy will settle down and enjoy a quiet moment, and this Fairy Tea Party Set is the perfect way to depict one such moment between a pair of fairy friend.
Price: $21.75
Pirate Cannonballs
Item #S-852029-HD
A few pirates will really set the stage for a pirate ship, but the accessories can be just as important. These Pirate Cannonballs are an accent that deserves to be paired up with any and all pirate toys, especially with pirate cannons.
Price: $3.95
Pirate CannonballsPirate Cannonballs
Item #S-850829-HD
No pirate game is complete without a pirate ship. With this piece, you can start arming your ship to make sure you can blast your foes out of the water! The Pirate Cannonballs figure is a great element that can enhance any play set or pirate scene.
Price: $6.35
On Sale For: $4.00
Lucy On A Cardinal Set
Item #S-876229
Forest elves and fairies are quite similar in nature and only slightly different in appearance. This Lucy on a Cardinal Set might appear to be a fairy at first glance, but really, it is a tiny wood elf that has befriended a cardinal.
Price: $9.75
Fairy Pony Figure
Item #S-875629
Sure, fairies are known to ride all sorts of other creatures, from insects to birds and more, but nothing quite beats the look of a pretty pixie when she is accompanied by a pure and pristine mount like this Fairy Pony Figure.
Price: $8.75
Ollie On A Snail Set
Item #S-876129
It has been said that slow and steady will win the race, and if that is true, then this Ollie on a Snail Set depicts a winning combination! This elf in green sits atop a patient snail that looks ready to slowly but surely advance.
Price: $8.75
Green Dragon Figure
Item #S-60445
Dragons come from a fairly innocuous origin. In the ancient days, scholars found great bones and mistook them for great lizards of legend. True or not, that same legend is very well represented by this Green Dragon Figure.
Price: $11.75
Aqueduct of Ancient Rome
Item #S-500904
One of Ancient Romes greatest achievements was not a stunning building or a grand structure, but instead a clever notion that provided water to its citizens. This miniature of the Aqueduct of Ancient Rome recreates that construct.
Price: $3.99
Oriental Golden Dragon Figure
Item #S-10118
Not all dragons are beasts that seek to devour and burn. Some, like those from the orient, are a bit more peaceful. This Oriental Golden Dragon Figure depicts one creature out of Asia that is sure to serve as a great collectible.
Price: $19.99