Human Kingdom LARP Collection from Medieval Collectables

In the capital of Antioch is where the table of the kings can be found, a place where the leaders of the human kingdoms form an ancient alliance against external threats. Despite a few problems, this alliance succeeds in enforcing the human values of honor, order and justice across its borders. "The blood that we shed to protect the alliance of the human kingdoms shows the pride that we feel for our cultures. We will fight for honor and justice in order to keep the peace within our borders, King Buhler II, before the war of the Three Kingdoms. There you will find: squire, knight, paladin, Shogun samurai as well as several soldiers from different cultures in the alliance. The source of different human cultures results in a vast collection of different weapons such as the sword, the katana, the halberd, the lance and the Lithuanian firearms.
Malchus, The Falchion SwordMalchus, The Falchion Sword
Item #CL-70
The Malchus, The Falchion Sword is, like all of Calimacils weapons, tested and balanced for combat. The Malchus, The Falchion Sword has a fiberglass core giving it strength and durability and measures 37 inches long.
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The Squires Short SwordThe Squires Short Sword
Item #CL-09
The squires were young men who were assigned to a knight. Their role was to take care of the equipment and the horse of their Masters. In the presence of his knight, a squire learned the rudiments of knighthood.
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Gladius II, Gladius Of Pompeii SwordGladius II, Gladius Of Pompeii Sword
Item #CL-68
The Gladius, Latin for sword, was used by the Romans between the 4th Century B.C. and the 2nd Century A.D. Its length was traditionally between 64cm and 81cm, an aspect that this LARP version copies to great effect.
Price: $115.00
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