Skeleton Home Decor from Medieval Collectables

Take a look, if you dare! Our selection of skeleton and skull home accessories will be a captivating centerpiece of any mantel, dresser or table. We have skull mirrors, grim reaper lamps, skeleton jewelry boxes, skeleton pens and skeleton toilet brush holders. Our meticulous detailed skeleton home accessories will give your home that medieval gothic look. All our skulls and skeleton home accessories are made of cold cast resin and very affordable.
Dragon Skull Box
Item #CC8267
Keep your keys, coins, or jewelry in the Dragon Skull Box, ready to guard your treasures with its frightening skeletal visage. The remains of this ferocious dragon are as fearsome as the living beast must have been, if not more!
Price: $37.50
Skull Wind Chime
Item #05-41877
The Skull Wind Chime features an aged skull sitting on a stone platform. There are bone pieces next to it. In between the silver chimes there are four other similar skulls. This stunning wind chime is made of cold cast resin.
Price: $23.00
Steampunk Skull Box
Item #CC8649
Cyborgs have no brains, so if you find an a random cyborg skull lying around, why not turn it into a container? Waste not, want not. That is what the Steampunk Skull Box is all about, and you should be all about it too!
Price: $35.00
Grim Reaper Oil Lamp
Item #CC5461
The Grim Reaper Oil Lamp would look great on any table or desk that needs a little extra light. The lamp base features the grim reaper in his cloak. He holds his scythe and has a rose in-between his teeth. His eyes are red crystals.
Price: $8.00
Death - Apocalypse Horseman
Item #CC7653
The Apocalypse Horseman, Death, would make a great addition to your gothic themed room. This version of death carries a bloody scythe and rides on a green steed, his skeletal face grinning wickedly.
Price: $32.00
Thinker Skeleton Statue
Item #CC8276
The Thinker Skeleton Statue is a play on The Thinker, the bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin. It depicts a man in sober meditation battling with internal struggle. From the looks of our skeleton, he has been at it for a while!
Price: $23.50
Posed Skeleton Statue
Item #CC8275
The Posed Skeleton Statue would be an excellent gift for the skeleton lover in your life! This statue features a skeleton standing on a stone platform with one hand on his shoulder. This statue is made of hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $23.50
Conquest - Apocalypse Horseman
Item #CC7651
The Apocalypse Horseman, Conquest, would make a great addition to your gothic themed room. The rider of the white horse has been argued to represent both evil and righteousness. He is most often seen with a bow and a crown.
Price: $32.00
Spirit Skull Box by Anne Stokes
Item #CC8090
The master of the dead and the lost gains his power from the spirits he watches. Some say that you can see the faces of the departed on his cold, evil, skull. This image, seen in The Spirit Skull Box by Anne Stokes is an eerie delight!
Price: $28.00
Celtic King Box
Item #CC7381
The Celtic King Box is a great place to keep your personables. This box would make quite a conversation piece as well. The cross-shaped coffin has stunning Celtic designs around it. There is the skeleton with his sword on the lid.
Price: $27.50
Skull Box
Item #CC8278
The Skull Box is an interestingly macabre piece of gothic home decor that will bring a dark touch to any room you place it in! Look upon its grim, skeletal lid and see the face of the undead creature that guards your valuables.
Price: $17.50
Day of the Dead Water Glass Set
Item #SL-00562
Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration surrounding souls that have long since departed and those they have left behind. The Day of the Dead Water Glass Set includes two cups displaying striking graphics along their sides.
Price: $17.21
Celtic Crypt Box
Item #CC7380
Safely set your jewelry and trinkets to rest in the Celtic Crypt Box. This cast resin trinket box blends history, beauty, and macabre style for a breath-taking result. A grinning skull sits at the center of its knotwork designs.
Price: $16.50
White Skull Mug
Item #CC8182
The White Skull Mug is a great addition to your home! This mug is made from attractive white ceramic and holds approximately 11 fluid ounces. It can be used every day to enjoy a drink or set aside as a piece of your collection.
Price: $10.00
Skeleton Statue
Item #CC8274
Art based on the human body has been popular for many centuries now, and nothing reveals who people are at their cores much like skeletons do. Literally! The Skeleton Statue is an artistic depiction of the bones at the core of us all.
Price: $23.50
Steampunk Skull Trinket Box and Candle Holder
Item #CC10964
In the future, when the apocalyptic steampunk lifestyle comes into fruition, even the remains of the dead will be mechanized and brought back to life! Showcasing that look here is the Steampunk Skull Trinket Box and Candle Holder.
Price: $30.00
Skeletal Sloth Statue
Item #CC7498
This gothic figurine depicts a skeleton gentleman who embodies one of the seven deadly sins. In the Skeletal Sloth Statue, the skeletal figure reclines on its base, as though attempting to take a nap, clearly embodying the sin of sloth.
Price: $8.00
Hell Rider Cross Bones Plaque by Anne Stokes
Item #CC8299
The Hell Rider Cross Bones Plaque by Anne Stokes features a skull and crossbones chained to an intricate cross. The skull is cracked, with its mouth open. This plaque is made of hand painted cold cast resin and measures 8.25 inches tall.
Price: $27.50
Skull Bowl and Spoon
Item #CC8183
What better accessory to include on your table or in your kitchen than the Skull Bowl with Spoon? This amusing item is made from ceramic, making it perfectly acceptable for everyday use, or it can be added to your skull collection.
Price: $17.00
Skeleton Guzzler Wine Holder
Item #CC9191
Who says that the dead do not need to drink? This Skeleton Guzzler Wine Holder is proof that even the dead like to have a drink every now and then. Based on its position, this skeleton has not had a drink in quite a long time.
Price: $24.00
Angel of Death Statue
Item #CC8739
The Angel of Death Statue depicts an angel of death standing atop a square pillar. This ghastly figure does not hide its skeletal form under a black robe but instead perches silently and waits, watching for its next victim.
Price: $25.00
Black Skull Mug
Item #CC8182B
The Black Skull Mug is a great piece to add to your home! It can be used everyday, or you can set it aside in your collection. This mug features a ceramic human skull with the top cut off. The handle looks to be made of bones as well.
Price: $20.00
Steampunk Skull Trinket Box
Item #CC10822
You might find this skull box sitting around the laboratory of some mad scientist or Neo-Victorian inventor! The Steampunk Skull Trinket Box makes an excellent accent for your storing your own odds and ends out of sight.
Price: $20.00
Grim Reaper Guzzler Wine Holder
Item #CC9451
Does the grim reaper have hunger? Perhaps for souls, but apparently, death itself cannot subsist on souls alone. How do we know? Because this Grim Reaper Guzzler Wine Holder seems all too eager to enjoy a good bottle of wine!
Price: $24.00
Glowing Skull LED Candle
Item #CC10896
Candles are a great way to add a decorative touch to your home, whether that touch is warm and comforting or dark and sinister. This Glowing Skull LED Candle is the latter, depicting a bright light emitting from a grinning red skull.
Price: $20.00
Demonic Skull Display Mask
Item #CC11078
A unique skull can easily take your home decor from dull to daring in an instant! If you are looking to spice up your interior design with a bit of spooky flair, then you need look no further than this Demonic Skull Display Mask.
Price: $70.00
Vampiric Wall Skull
Item #CC9140
Usually, when you see a skull decorating something, it sits on a shelf or desk. Not so with this impressive accessory. The Vampiric Wall Skull is made to hang on the wall, allowing others to get up close and personal with its design.
Price: $35.00
Raven with Skeleton Statue
Item #CC8465
Ravens are an opportunistic sort, often pilfering items for their nest and feasting on whatever they can find, live or carrion. And here, the Raven with Skeleton Statue shows a cunning raven using a skeletal hand as a perch.
Price: $24.00
Raven and Skull Pen Holder
Item #CC9606
Ravens, particularly young ones, are notorious collectors. This raven has just started its collection with a skull. And in time, this Raven and Skull Pen Holder is an accent that will likely collect at least one other object, too.
Price: $18.00
Eastern Dragon Skull Mirrored Trinket Box
Item #CC11074
The art of Anne Stokes is always so unique and fascinating, and this Eastern Dragon Skull Mirrored Trinket Box is certainly no different. Great for storing small items, this box will also add an Oriental touch to your home design.
Price: $10.00
Soul Reaper Sand Timer
Item #SC8382
You can never stop time so keep track of each valuable moment with the stylish Soul Reaper Sand Timer. This gothic statue can be a great accessory to any home or collection, so do not hesitate and grab one today.
Price: $20.00
Skeletal Pirate Wine Table
Item #CC9784
Pirates are notorious lovers of liquor, but they are even fonder of rum. This Skeletal Pirate Wine Table has a love of wine, though, and luckily, he is also quite the gentleman, holding the bottle and the glasses, too.
Price: $250.00
Celtic Skull Box
Item #060-1968
What better place to store something than in an item so creepy and strange that no one will ever want to examine it! The Celtic Skull Box is a truly unique decoration that you can use to hide all your neat little valuables.
Price: $19.00
Mechanized Steampunk Skull Box
Item #CC9790
If you are going to modify something, then you might as well go for broke, right? This Mechanized Steampunk Skull Box features a surreal touch of steampunk style, as well as the potential to be a great place to store your things, too.
Price: $30.00
Large Dragon Skull
Item #CC9255
This Large Dragon is good for different purposes. It makes for a startling decoration that makes your home look like a dragon graveyard. It will impress or awe all those who see it, because of its intrinsic and fine level of detail.
Price: $180.00
Lucky and Black Cat Skeleton Statue
Item #SC8003
This unfortunate skeleton is plagued by all manner of misfortune, not the least of which is a black cat along the path. The Lucky and Black Cat Skeleton Statue is made of high quality cold cast resin and hand painted for a fun look.
Price: $12.00
Skeletal Envy Statue
Item #CC7500
This gothic figurine depicts a skeleton gentleman who embodies one of the seven deadly sins. In the Skeletal Envy Statue, the skeletal figure rubs its skeletal claws together while watching another, clearly embodying the sin of envy.
Price: $8.00
Royal Skull Jewelry Hanger
Item #CC6496
There is no better way to display your earrings, gothic or not, than with the Royal Skull Jewelry Hanger. This kingly skull is a great decoration for desks, dressers, and more, while making a fantastic place to keep all your stylish earrings.
Price: $5.00
Tribal Skull and Crossbones Plaque
Item #CC9413
An age-old symbol of danger gets a modern update in this Tribal Skull and Crossbones Plaque. What was once a symbol of danger and mortality is now a decoration for your wall, one that will have others in awe over its detail.
Price: $30.00
Tribal Spine Skull Tankard
Item #060-2405
If you want to enjoy a drink and look gothic and cool, nothing beats a beverage container quite like this Tribal Spine Skull Tankard. Grinning skulls and bone detailing make it a personal mug par excellence.
Price: $20.00
Devil Skull and Crossbones Plaque
Item #CC9412
An age-old symbol of danger gets a modern update in this Devil Skull and Crossbones Plaque. That addition of demonic style takes this old symbol and makes it all the more appealing, as well as more forewarning of impending danger.
Price: $30.00
Food for Thought Skull Bowl
Item #CC9789
Anything taken from the brain cavity of a skull is to produce some sort of thought, and in that regard, this Food For Thought Skull Bowl is an eerie yet fun accent that you can have sitting around your home, just for that reason alone!
Price: $21.00
Raven on Skull Water Globe
Item #SC8026
Ravens seem at home around death, and our Raven on Skull Water Globe tells that tale. Perched atop a sinking skull is the ink black form of the Raven.
Price: $15.00
Ornate Fire Skull Art Scroll
Item #CC9807
Stunning art comes in all shapes and forms. This Ornate Fire Skull Art Scroll reproduces a work for all to enjoy, using the tantalizing allure of flames and elegant line work to draw the eye and hold the interest of those who see it.
Price: $20.00
Skulls And Heart Journal
Item #060-2080
Despite the incredibly visceral appearance of the Skulls and Hearts Journal, it's actually very eye-catching, at first glance, you don't see the skulls or the bleeding heart, but instead, your eye is drawn to the bright, vivid colors.
Price: $18.00
Perched Raven on Skull Statue
Item #CC9786
It has been said that curiosity killed the cat, but apparently it has done nothing to the raven, which remains curious about anything and everything. Curiosity has given way to something else in this Perched Raven on Skull Statue.
Price: $18.00
Worn Gold Skull Bowl
Item #SC8064
Many people find themselves both fascinated and repelled by skulls. The Worn Gold Skull Bowl provides a creepy decoration that can play on these mixed feelings with a blackened, gold-colored bowl in a skull shape.
Price: $20.00
Skeletal Dark Rider Statue
Item #CC9709
This Skeletal Dark Rider Statue depicts a warrior who rides a pale horse. Of course, he might not wield a scythe, but that does not stop this rider from meaning death to many, serving as a wicked accent of gothic and medieval style.
Price: $65.00
Large Skull with Glowing Eyes
Item #05-44042
The grin of a skull is quite the shocking sight to see, and its eerie appeal is enhanced when its eye-sockets emit an unearthly glow! This Large Skull with Glowing Eyes is just such an accent to use when decorating.
Price: $16.00
Skeletal Dark Knight Art Scroll
Item #CC9805
This pale rider takes to the battlefield with ease, eagerly awaiting the chance to spread mayhem and chaos. The Skeletal Dark Knight Art Scroll depicts a warrior who will not let a little thing like death keep him from fighting.
Price: $20.00
Horned Steampunk Skull Box
Item #CC10451
Even the forward press of technology has not eradicated the macabre fascination of death. The Horned Steampunk Skull Box depicts a skull with horns, half of the head still bone while the other half shows metal and gears.
Price: $30.00
Skull Trinket Box
Item #SC6373
Now you can allow the bold and convenient Skull Trinket Box to protect all of your small valuables. You can confidently store your tiny goods within this daring box which is sure to send chills down intruders spines.
Price: $17.00
Small Dragon Skull
Item #SC8169
Not surprisingly, dragons are just as fearsome and intimidating in death as they are in life. Some are even more so. This Small Dragon Skull is one such example of a dragon that is definitely more eerie in death than it was in life.
Price: $25.00
Steampunk Aviator Skull Trinket Box
Item #WU-1499
This eye-catching skull is the last surviving piece of a long downed airship pilot, modified with gadgets and steam technology. The Steampunk Aviator Skull Trinket Box still shows the leathery looking aviator cap over the head.
Price: $50.00
Celtic Skull Trinket Box
Item #CC9943
The Celts believed the most honorable deaths occurred in battle and offered the dead items needed for the next life. The Celtic Skull Trinket Box allows you to commemorate these warriors with a skull bearing Celtic knotwork.
Price: $13.00
Empty Skull Cookie Jar
Item #CC9468
This is one cookie jar that you certainly do not wish to get caught with your fingers in! Grim yet fun, this Empty Skull Cookie Jar recreates the look of the human skull, making every cookie contained within a real tasty gothic treat.
Price: $35.00
Skeleton Arm Goblet
Item #060-2602
With its creepy detailing, this gothic goblet looks as though it could have been taken from a haunted house or an underground crypt! The Skeleton Arm Goblet features a bony arm that forms the stem and grips the bowl of the glass.
Price: $18.00
The Tome of Death Statue
Item #WU-1484
An exceptional decoration for displaying your enjoyment of gothic styling, The Tome of Death Statue is crafted to appear like a large crow perched on the crown of a human skull, which is resting on the open pages of an ancient tome.
Price: $38.00
Steampunk Skull Trinket Box
Item #WU-1497
Hide away your favorite knick-knacks and trinkets within the secret drawer at the back of this curious skull! The Steampunk Skull Trinket Box displays a wide manner of neo-Victorian gadgetry and gears in its design.
Price: $54.00
Skull and Roses Pirate Chest
Item #CC10593
Much like the pirates of old, you can store your valuables and personal treasures within this trinket box. The Skull and Roses Pirate Chest features a colorful design of skulls, wings, and roses on the top and front of the box.
Price: $20.00