Traditional Medieval Bows

We have more Longbows and Recurves than you will know what to do with! Hand crafted LOTR Bows, Traditional English Longbows, Recurves and Crossbows. We have added new recurve bows, longbows, target bows and much more. Please browse through our selection. We have English Longbows, Target Bows, American Longbows and the Legolas Style Bows. Our functional bows come with a one year warranty and are hand made which ensures great quality. All of our bows are custom made to order and are fully functional. This means you cannot cancel the order once it has been placed at all. Our bows can take anywhere from 2- 9 weeks before you receive them. It is possible it could take a couple weeks longer depending on the time of year. We guarantee you will be happy once the wait is over and you have your very own custom built bow in your hands, it is worth the wait!! Different bows have different wait times, give us a call if you need one in a hurry and we can steer you in the right direction.

How to Tell your Draw Length and Draw Weight:
Draw Length: Your Draw Length measurement is how far you draw the bow back before releasing it. To find your draw length stand and extend both arms out in front of you, measure from your chest to the end of your middle finger and subtract two inches. This will find your approximate draw length.
Draw Weight: This is how heavy (in pounds) you will be pulling the bow back at your specified draw length. If you choose 30# and have a draw length of 28", when you pull the bow back to 28" you will be pulling 30#. Draw Weight is hard to determine if you are a beginner, 30# is good to start with and is great for target practice. Usually 40# and higher are recommended for Hunting.
Affordable Traditional Bows
Each and every bow in our affordable traditional archery bow section is priced at low, affordable costs. 'Affordable' doesn't mean cheaply made, though; these traditional bows are high quality, fully functional, and worth every penny spent.
Indian Style Longbows
Indian style bows are resilient and strong, thanks to how vital the bow was to the Indian way of life. These handcrafted Indian style bows are direct and simple; they will be reliable and strong for years to come, reliably performing well no matter the use.
Fantasy and LOTR Longbows
Not all fantasy bows are just decorative; Medieval Collectables;s fantasy bows may look purely ornamental but are made for actual use; these fantasy bows are fully functional bows that perform excellently when firing arrows for practice or general use.
Recurve Hunting Bows and Horse Bows
Medieval Collectables carries a number of fantastic Recurve hunting bows and horse bows; each Recurve and horse bow packs the power and speed of a traditional bow in a smaller package; handcrafted, they come in a variety of appealing styles and sizes.
Traditional Medieval Longbows
Medieval Collectables strives to offer top quality traditional longbows to you; our traditional longbows come in several styles, ranging from English and American Longbows to fantasy themed longbows, all of which are fully functional and handcrafted.