Medieval Jewelry from Medieval Collectables

Medieval Collectables has the perfect piece of Medieval Jewelry for any occasion you are going to. We offer a very selective line of high quality sterling silver and pewter jewelry that will be the perfect accent to your outfit. Whether you are a Peasant and looking for a simple, understated charm or necklace or a Noble who is looking for that top quality piece that is going to turn heads as you walk about the fair or royal ball. We offer Medieval and Renaissance style Necklaces, Brooches, Earrings, Pendants, Charms, Rings and Bracelets. Our Medieval and Renaissance Jewelry features classic styles with simulated jewels, antique finishes and popular Medieval symbols like Fleur de Lis, Rampant Lions and Dragons. We have Medieval and Renaissance jewelry that is suitable for Men, Women and Children. The perfect gift to give to a loved one or yourself!
Medieval Bracelets
We offer a very selective line of high quality sterling silver and pewter bracelets that will be the perfect accent to your outfit. We have torque style bracelets, link and chain style bracelets as well as cuff style bracelets. Our Medieval and Renaissance style bracelets will compliment your outfit nicely. you will find styles for Women, Men and Children.
Medieval Brooches
Our Medieval Brooches and Cloak Clasps are perfect for keeping your cloak closed, they can also be used on kilts or to pin down sashes to garments. We carry very traditional styles of penannular brooches all the way to more modern versions that have a decorative, jeweled or beaded front with a pin on the back. All of our brooches can be worn with your Medieval Clothing or regular everyday clothing, using them as an accent pin.
Medieval Earrings
With many different styles of Medieval and Renaissance Earrings to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect pair to go with your period clothing. you will find long, dangle style earrings encrusted with rhinestones and other simulated jewels, post style earrings and hook style earrings with classic Medieval and Renaissance symbols and designs. Most of our earrings are made from fine sterling silver, if not the material used will be listed under each product. Perfect for any occasion or everyday wear.
Medieval Necklaces
We have Medieval and Renaissance style necklaces for both Men and Women, Peasant or Noble. From the popular Wolf Tooth Spartan Necklace from the movie 300 for the rugged warriors to the Tudor style Collar of Esses for the social upper class men, we have great necklaces for Men, that are period in style and go nicely with any theme or outfit. Women has a very grand selection as well, you ladies will find simple understated necklaces with small crosses and other symbols all the way to elaborate rhinestone encrusted necklaces that are fit for a queen.
Medieval Pendants
Our offering of Medieval and Renaissance Pendants is a varied selection of top quality sterling silver and pewter jewelry. Our pendants feature popular Medieval designs like Fleur de lis, Dragons, Rampant Lions, Crowns and Crosses. These pendants do not come with a chain, we do sell chains separately if you do not have a chain already. Our Medieval and Renaissance Pendants are suitable for Men and Women and can easily be worn with everyday clothing as well as your Medieval Garb.
Medieval Rings
Medieval and Renaissance rings are well known for having large stones and being very elaborate. Medieval Collectables strives to find the most unique designs for those who love this type of jewelry. We are always adding new styles, so check back regularly. Our Medieval Rings are suitable for Men and Women, they are available in a variety of sizes. We have a variety of styles from the simplest designs to the most elaborate. They also make a very nice gift.