Knives from Medieval Collectables

Here at Medieval Collectables we have a huge selection of knives. We offer a wide variety of boot knives, combat knives, bowies, hunting knives, folding knives, machetes, push knives, training knives, World War knives and throwing knives. Medieval Collectables carries only the finest knives from around the world. These functional knives are made by Hanwei, CAS Iberia, Windlass and Cold Steel. Our knives are great for hunting, camping, self defense, practicing and are great collectible knives. Whatever the situation may be, you always need a good quality knife, so get it from Medieval Collectables that offers knives at affordable prices.
Boot Knives
Boot knives are knives that are concealed in a boot for a backup weapon to be carried. Boot knives are mostly small fixed blade knife and about 3 to 5 inches in length. Boot knives can also be carried under the pant leg, tucked beneath the belt or can even be carried on a chain or piece of parachute cord around the neck. Medieval Collectables carries affordable boot knives that are great for self defense, military or law enforcement. We carry a large selection of boot knives to suit just about any taste.
The Bowie was made in a period of hand labor, the industrial revolution had not touched the cutlery trades. All the work on the old knives was by hand, with an artisans craft skills that were learned during a long apprenticeship to master forgers, grinders and cutlers. Medieval Collectables carries popular bowies from manufactures Cold Steel, C.A.S. Iberia and Hanwei. All our bowies are great for hunting, survival, camping as well as Collectables.
Combat Knives
We now carry affordable and durable quality combat knives and tactical knives. Choosing the best combat tactical knives to use could easily be the difference between your life and death. Medieval Collectables helps you make that choice easy by only carring the best combat knives made. Selecting reliable combat tactical knives can be the key difference in many unpredictable situations that face each of us more and more everyday.
Folding Knives
Folding knives make great knives because when they are not in use, you can fold them up and put them into your pocket. Folding knives are safer than traditional knives because once folded you can not cut yourself on the blade. Blades on folding knives are typically no larger than 3 to 5 inches in length and can be used for anything.
Hunting Knives
If you are a camper or bowman then you need a good quality hunting knife. These blades are not just beautiful, they are tough! Hunting knives also hold an amazing edge and are easy to sharpen. Hunting knives are useful for all kinds of utility chores like field dressing, skinning or even quartering big game. They have a sharp, yet sturdy point for piercing and a moderately curved blade with an extra thin edge that facilitates cutting, slashing, chopping and shearing strokes.
This knife category is every knife that we carry that does not fit into any other category. These knives are all functional and very durable for any use. We carry both fixed blade knives and folding bladed knives. Some of the blades are not your traditional straight blades neither are the handles of some of these knives. These knives are great for cutting, skinning, and piecing your prey. Take these functional knives camping, hunting, self defense or everyday use.
A machete is like a large cleaver that is normally used to cut through thick vegatation. If you are a camper or hunter a machete is the perfect tool to cut through that think forest. Medieval Collectables has several types of machetes that are fully functional. We carry latin machetes, barong machetes, bolo machetes, bowie machetes, and heavy machetes just to name a few of them.
Push Knives
A push knife also known as a push dagger is a short knife with a "T" handle. The push knife is designed to be grasped in the hand so that the blade protrudes from the front of the fist. The push daggers were used to perforating armour or penetrating chain mail. Push daggers were issued as trench knives during World War I and World War II. The push knives are not only used for fighting that are great for cutting tasks because they have great leverage while using a small blade.
The functional tanto is a Japanese dagger, strictly one with a guard and has all of the fittings used on swords. The tanto blades rarely exceed 12 inches in length and usually accompanying a katana. These tantos combine the best attributes of a traditional tanto with modern features that make this an eminently practical tool. The tanto's blades are shaped just like the Japanese tantos.
Throwing Knives
Our throwing knives are super sharp that are well balanced so every throw is even. What is great about these knives is that they are such good quality, but are so affordable. Throwing knives are great for self defense when you do not want to get to close to your attacker. Throwing knives are commonly made of a single piece of steel or other material, without handles, unlike other types of knives.
World War Knives
Medieval Collectables now have world war knives that are authentically detailed and fully functional. These knives are made for military collectors and WWII re-enactors. We have german trench knives and daggers that are made by CAS Iberia and Windlass. World War II knives come with a sheath and are very affordable. These trench knives are intended for close quarter fighting whether on the field or in the trenchs. The trench knife orginated during the first World War.