Daggers from Medieval Collectables

Daggers are to be found in every culture known to man, they are the most basic weapon in personal protection. Our collection of daggers include medieval daggers, fantasy daggers, Scottish daggers, Renaissance daggers, Roman daggers, and Viking daggers. Medieval Collectables has a growing selection of all kinds of daggers. Our daggers and dirks range in origin, hailing from near and far. Some are inspired by eastern culture, while others are drawn from the blades used in Europe and the United States. We carry functional and decorative daggers, historical replicas, and collectors pieces. Our medieval daggers come from top manufacturers from around the world that include Marto, Windlass, Cold Steel, Darksword Armoury, Armaduras, and CAS Iberia, just to name a few of them. These decorative replica and fantasy blades offer a piece of history and make outstanding decorations and gifts. You will find something that suits your taste and your price range with all the medieval and renaissance daggers that we have to offer.
Fantasy Daggers
If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and something very unique, you have reached the right part of our catalog! Here is all of our fantasy daggers, unique daggers and general miscellaneous daggers. Fantasy daggers are a perfect addition to your medieval collection of weaponry. Some fantasy daggers are inspired by one's mind while others are made from popular movies. Most of these fantasy daggers have unique and extreme blade designs which make them stand out from ordinary daggers.
Medieval Daggers
Medieval daggers are the perfect companion to the medieval sword. We have great traditional styled Medieval daggers from the Black Prince Dagger to the King's Ring dagger. Medieval daggers are a double edged small pointed knife used by Middle Age soldiers for personal protection during warfare. When they cannot access their other big weapons like swords and spears, medieval daggers were there. Medieval daggers are very sharp and can penetrate shields and armour.
Renaissance Daggers
During the Renaissance Age the dagger was used as part of dress. Renaissance daggers was the only weapon commoners were allowed to carry on them. Renaissance daggers were the last and only line of defense. Sometimes, renaissance daggers were used in eating. Renaissance daggers are the perfect companion to the sword. We have great Renaissance styled daggers from the Venetian Stiletto to the 17th Century Steel Hilted Dagger.
Roman Daggers
Our Roman Daggers also called the Pugio, replicate originals that have survived in remarkably good condition in a European museum. The distinct shape of the Pugio blade was excellent for a close quartersfight, and was used throughout the legions. Roman daggers were a basic part of the Roman army. When they were in close formation and the sword or spear could not be used, the Roman dagger was the next weapon of choice.
Scottish Daggers
The Scottish Dirk was a direct descendent of the Medieval ballock dagger. The grip form began to change, probably sometime in the late 16th century, but soon developed a form that was purely Scottish. For those with a serious interest in the Highlands, a Scottish dagger or Scottish dirk is a must for any collection. Scottish daggers have inscriptions on their ornate hilts and handles that are made of box wood. Scottish daggers are like a work of but beware they are still a true dagger used for stabbing.
Viking Daggers
The Viking dagger or called the seax, or sax, was the universally carried knife in Northern Europe. The Viking dagger was carried and used by the Saxons, Angles, Vikings and Germanic tribes. Viking Daggers, use probably dated before the fall of Rome and continues on into the early Middle Ages. From small knives with 3-4 inch blades to actual swords with blades of 27-28 inches and always single-edged, the profile of the seax varied a great deal.