Medieval Arming Wear

Medieval Collectables has a large variety of functional arming wear. We have padded Gambesons and Arming Caps which provide a more comfortable fit and reduce pinching from the armor when you are moving. Our Gambesons are stylish, comfortable and made of quality materials. The Gambeson is worn underneath chain mail and armour and normally both helps to protect the body from the impact of weapons and provides some degree of comfort to the wearer. Our Gambeson Set, made from a cotton shell with a captive fiber fill, is designed to make the wearing of mail reasonably comfortable while providing freedom of movement. The Gambeson set includes a matching Arming Cap, essential to the wearing of a chain mail coif. Arming caps are also used to provide padding when wearing a medieval helmet.
Medieval Arming Caps
Padded arming caps are a great accessory to accompany almost any helmet. An arming cap adds comfort and padding, as well as bulk, which prevents your chosen helmet or mail coif from slipping, chaffing, or pinching uncomfortably during use.
Medieval Gambesons
Medieval Collectables has one of the best selections of padded medieval gambesons on the net; our functional gambesons add much needed padding between you and your steel or leather armor or they can act as great looking stand alone padded armor.