Swords by Manufacturer from Medieval Collectables

Medieval Collectables offers medieval swords by brand or manufacturer. We have every known and most popular sword maker brands listed below. This makes it easy to find the exact sword you are looking for. We have sword manufacturers that make functional medieval swords like CAS Iberia, Hanwei, Valiant Armoury, Cold Steel, Windlass Steelcrafts, Ritter Steel and Stage Steel. These medieval swords are great for re-enactments, live steel fighting, stage fighting or even practice. Other medieval sword manufacturers we carry make decorative medieval swords like Acero Toledano, Marto, Denix, Art Gladius and United Cutlery. Decorative medieval swords are great for office and home decor, stage props and costumes. These manufactures below design and make the most popular swords from Medieval and Renaissance times to Oriental cultures. Some of our medieval swords are great for in SCA events, LARP and LRP events and renaissance faires.
Armaduras Medievales Swords and Armaduras Swords
Armaduras Medievales swords are handcrafted in Toledo, Spain. Armaduras Medievales swords have fine craftsmanship and quality materials used. These swords span the medieval age of kings nobles and knights. Armaduras Medievales swords feature a factory edge, which is not sharpened and are only intended for home decor, stage props or sword collectors. The blades are fully-tempered high carbon spring steel.
Art Gladius Swords and Gladius Swords
Art Gladius contains the finest of decorative Medieval and fantasy swords available. Art Gladius has it all, including a beautiful collection of decorative Japanese swords as well as European swords and Medieval swords. These high quality Art Gladius Swords are perfect for decorating your office or home and are great gifts for those in your life who share the love of Medieval times. Art Gladius swords are for decorative purposes only and can't be used for sword fighting.
CAS Iberia Swords and Hanwei Swords
C.A.S. Iberia is a U.S. based company that has swords and historic weaponry from around the world. The Iberia items are well made and most of them are combat ready. Their weapons are made of high carbon spring steel. Hanwei is one of the world's leading manufacturer in top quality functional blades including authentic Japanese samurai swords handcrafted and produced using the traditional methods. We offer Hanwei's full line of European swords and Oriental swords.
Cold Steel Swords
Cold Steel is a U.S. based sword and knife company that is known for their rigorous standards for quality and performance. They provide high performance knives and swords that are designed to be tried and true, the result of painstaking research and development. This is a Cold Steel hallmark and they do not exaggerate. Their sword descriptions are highly accurate and come with a free Cold Steel DVD to show how strong these swords are. Cold Steel swords represent real, solid value for the money and definitely the top of the line for battle ready Medieval swords and Oriental style swords.
Denix Swords
These ornamental swords are reproduced with attention to every detail by Denix, a famous Spanish replica maker. Swords are replicated to the original size, weight and appearance. Their swords are constructed of high-grade casting alloy and genuine European hardwoods used where applicable, they are giving knowledgeable users and collectors an unique opportunity to own an antique weapon which could only be found in museums.
Generation 2 Swords and Legacy Arms Swords
Generation 2 is now known as Legacy Arms makes battle-ready swords. Each sword is meticulously researched, designed, and reviewed for historical accuracy. All their swords are made of 3/16 Inches high carbon spring steel with a full hefty tang, making them fully functional. The pommels and cross guards of the Generation 2 swords are made from polished solid steel or brass. The Generation 2 swords and knives are made from virgin 5160 or 1060 carbon steel. The tangs are a continuation of the blade that runs completely through the handle making them a full tang.
Marto Swords
Marto swords are by far the biggest, best, and most reputable decorative swords in the world. No where else will you find more beautiful and well made swords. They provide the props for movies and television when the entertainment industry needs a fine quality blade. You've seen Marto swords in movies like Highlander, Brave-Heart, and Excalibur to name a few. Marto makes their swords from 420 stainless steel. These swords are truly a work of art, create your own display with these beautiful Marto swords.
Ritter Steel Swords
Ritter Steel is a premium line of hand made functional medieval swords, Samurai swords and related weapons. They also offer Oriental styles, including the famous braided leather collection. Rittersteel uses many age old techniques to produce their medieval swords, including the hand forging of blades over hot coals. The typical medieval sword features a sharp high carbon spring steel blade, wood grips, and steel or brass guards and pommels. Most are supplied with heavy leather sheaths, others with wood covered in leather.
Stage Steel Swords
Stage Steel swords are battle ready, full-tang and durable swords of rigid steel featuring blunt edges for Live Action! Each of these full tang battle ready swords has been crafted by hand with the blade made from a single thick rigid piece of steel that extends the length of the blade through grip with heavy welded guards and pommels. These Stage Steel swords are durable and suitable for stage battle and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price.
Tinker Pearce Swords
Michael Tinker Pearce is one of the pre-eminent makers of custom medieval-style swords, with a large international following in the collector and Western Martial Arts communities. His swords have a long-standing reputation for durability and performance. He has studied swords for over thirty years and was one of the first makers to study the structural and engineering aspects of antique swords. Tinker has introduced many of the concepts of modern sword design such as authentic weight, balance and dynamic characteristics that have become standards in the industry.
Valiant Armoury Swords
Valiant Armoury is a company in Texas that has their swords made in the Philippine Islands. Hand hammered, forged blades made from high carbon steel, and tempered to just the right spring, constitute the Valiant Armoury swords are battle ready. The have the new signature sword and practical swords that are designed by Christian Fletcher and Angus Trim. Valiant Armoury swords are recommended by Medieval Collectables if you are looking for a fully functional sword that will hold up to the rigors of combat and sword figting.
Valiant Arms Swords
Valiant Arms produces some of the highest quality sword replicas. Valiant Arms is located in Chicago, IL and also produce high quality medieval armour and helms in the industry. Valiant Arms makes medieval swords, fantasy swords and historical swords that are close to the originals used. Modern knights count on Valiant Arms Armory for the very best in medieval armour and swords. Valiant Arms swords are medium quality and care must be taken when sword fighting an opponent.
Windlass Swords
Windlass is one of the largest manufacturers of Medieval swords in the world. Their swords are battle ready and come with blunt edges. The blades are tempered and will hold an edge if you desire to have yours sharpened. Windlass Steelcrafts are the makers of fine Medieval swords, Fantasy swords and Military swords for discerning sword collectors, re-enactors, and history buffs. Windlass swords are recommended by Medieval Collectables if you are looking for a fully functional sword that will hold up to the rigors of combat and sword fighting.