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We are your one stop shop for Medieval Swords, Renaissance Clothing and many other Medieval & Renaissance items. We have been serving the online community since 1999. We carry high quality battle-ready and decorative swords, armour, shields, and other weaponry of the past and present.  Our site is updated daily to bring you the most current information on things like pre-orders and new products. We also upload products weekly so there is always something new and exciting. Use our Advanced Search option to see what we have added recently.

We are the largest online distributor of Medieval and Renaissance items. Here is a list of things that we offer: Medieval Swords, Renaissance Clothing, Celtic Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, Medieval Pipes, Lord of the Rings Swords, Renaissance Boots, Authentic Long Bows, Traditional Archery Supplies, Historical Arrow Heads, Functional Armor, Decorative Armor, Chainmail, Leather Armour, Medieval Daggers, Scottish Dirks, Fantasy Daggers, Medieval Helmets, Roman, Scottish, Greek, Celtic, Irish, Peasants, Pirates, Knights, Renaissance Rapiers, Medieval Shields, Scottish Shields, Halberds, Battle Axes, Maces, Flails, Castle Décor, Medieval Banners, Medieval Tapestries, Queens Crowns and Kings Crowns, Renaissance Hats, Leather Masks, Sword Canes and believe it or not, much, much more! So take your shoes off, relax for a little while and have a look around.

In our online catalog you will find items such as medieval swords, Greek and Roman swords, Scottish swords such as Claymores and William Wallace, Military swords, Military sabers, Viking swords, decorative and functional Oriental Swords, Spanish swords and wooden practice swords.  Medieval Collectible’s carries the top name brand swords that are of excellent quality and value. We have tons of sword accessories, such as floor stands, wall hangers, swords plaques. We have leather accessories for carrying your sword, sword frogs, sword belts and baldrics.

We have lots of medieval and renaissance clothing. We have styles for any occasion, whether you want to be an authentic peasant at the fair, a princess bride, the juggling jester or even the King, you are sure to find something here. Check out our Clothing category and our Themes category which groups the most popular items into themes and is really convenient if you are going for a certain look.

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What Medieval Collectables Offers


We have the best selection of Medieval and Renaissance Clothing. We carry a large variety of bodices, medieval gowns, renaissance dresses, skirts, fantasy wear, wench wear, Celtic, Medieval and Peasant style clothes. For the men we have ruffled collars, lace up fronts, pirate shirts, warrior shirts, poet shirts, and swordsmen shirts. Our arming caps and gambesons will provide protection from your functional armor or chainmail armour. Medieval dresses are perfect for the Fair, Re-enactments, and even as bridesmaids gowns. Great quality and material. These dresses go perfectly with our bloomers and chemises. We also carry a large line of costumes for adults both men costumes and women costumes, children and even pets, such as fantasy, princess, roman, gothic and vampire as well as pirate costumes, wizards, witches and of course renaissance costumes. Medieval Collectibles has all your clothing accessory needs, such as leather belts, hats, capes, hoods and snoods. Our wrist bracers, belts, kidney belts, and leather gauntlets will make your clothing look authentic. We carry plenty of different types of Monks robes, and surcoats for the knights even peasant outfits.

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Medieval Collectibles carries a full line of Hand crafted LOTR Bows, Traditional English Longbows, Recurves, medieval longbows and Crossbows. Our crossbows are both decorative and functional which include Medieval, Gun, Slingshot, Rams Head, Italian, Defense, and Fantasy Crossbows. We have functional English Longbows, Target Bows, American Longbows and the Legolas Style Bows. You will also find many accessories, such as leather quivers, arrows, arm guards, targets and hand protection.

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Steel & Leather Armour

We have a wide selection of chainmail armour, decorative armour, LARP armour, leather armour and functional armor. Our Chainmail armour comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes. We offer chain mail hauberks, gauntlets, Chainmail coifs, mantles, and Chain mail chausses. Our plate armor lines include display and reenactment armor in different styles including scale, segmenta, and plate. Full suits of armor, are both wearable and decorative. Reproductions follow original designs very closely which makes our medieval replica armor like it came out of a museum.

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LARP Weapons

Live action role playing re-enactors can find plenty of LARP Weapons and LARP Leather Armour and Accessories to satisfy their needs. Check out are wide selection of LARP weapons, including LARP swords, LARP daggers, LARP maces, LARP axes, knives, flails, clubs, rapiers and Hammers. We provide every kind of or LARP armor protection from Shields, leather harnesses, leather pauldrons, spaulders, arm bracers, gauntlets leather breastplates to fantasy Leather Helms. LARP protection consists of Steel armour, quality leather armor and even hybrid larp armour made from hybrid polyurethane. Our LRP armour comes in a wide variety of styles like Dragon armour and Samurai armour. We also have styles of Lord of the Ring Orc armor and Troy armor that are perfect for your fantasy amour needs.

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Swords for Every Use

Medieval Collectibles offers one of the largest sword selections on the internet.These wonderful sword replicas of famous medieval, fantasy, renaissance, ceremonial, samurai swords and military sabers make great gifts and decorations. Functional swords consist of Roman swords, Viking sword, Celtic swords, Norman swords, German swords, Italian swords, English swords, European swords, medieval swords, swords from the renaissance, and Japanese swords and katanas. We carry well known sword brands, CAS Iberia, Hanwei, Marto, Windlass, Acero, Ritter Steel and Stage Steel. Many of our functional swords come in a variety of edges, such as sharp, or blunted (rebated) for sword fighting.Some swords are for decorative use. Decorative swords are mainly used as wall decor, sword display or for costume. Many of our medieval, fantasy, renaissance, ceremonial, samurai swords and military sabers were produced for royalty and famous heroes throughout our history. This makes them perfect as a home decoration and conversation pieces, as well as for the collector or as stage props. We renaissance rapiers and swords for all time periods. We carry a variety of cut and thrust swords, back-swords, flamberges and short swords. Our Chinese swords such as Tai Chi, and kung fu swords. Japanese swords include some of the best katana, wakizashi, tanto sets you will find. We have a full range of martial arts training weapons, books and videos. Our wooden swords or training swords consist of single hand swords, two hand swords and Gladius (rudis) swords. We also have the newly added Filipino weapons, Katipunan bolo-tusok, pinute, kris swords and kris-kalis.

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Lord of the Rings

Medieval Collectibles offers a full range of Official Lord of the Rings items LOTR shields, lord of the rings clothing, lord of the rings costumes, lord of the rings collectibles, We also carry limited edition items like the lord of the rings helms, Sting Sword, Anduril Sword and lord of the rings gauntlets. Our lord of the rings jewelry goes great with our LOTR costumes and Lord of the Ring clothing. With our vast selection of lord of the rings scabbards and lord of the rings weapons and lord of the ring shields we are sure you will have the best collection.

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Looking for Renaissance and Celtic Jewelry? Well you have come to the right place just browse through our truly unique Museum Quality Jewelry. Here you will find Medieval Jewelry, Celtic Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Religious Jewelry and Jewelry for any occasion. You will also find Anklets, Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Hair Accessories, Necklaces, Pendants, Pins, Rings, and Toe Rings. We carry Medieval and Celtic jewelry that will go with Medieval or Modern day wear. Are you looking for the perfect accent for your medieval wardrobe? Look no further! We are constantly adding new jewelry! We offer a large variety of Gothic, Medieval and Celtic jewelry. Our jewelry is in two different categories, so please visit both of them so you don't miss a thing!

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Battle Ready and Decorative Shields

Medieval and Renaissance style shields. Battle ready and decorative shields as well as Live Action Role-play Shields. Display our decorative shields in your den or in your young knights bedroom. Use our functional shields to keep yourself alive during battle, re-enacting, on stage (theater)! We also have LARP shields for all of you role play gamers. Our shields come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, such as the round shields, classical shields, and heater shields.

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